Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lady in Red

Lady in Red
I spotted this skirt on a table at Forever 21 with a large Yellow Tag Sale Sign. It probably goes without being said that I have a special affinity for anything under a sale sign. Johnny will often joke about my shopping from Price Tags and almost never based on the actual clothes themselves. This would be a prime example. I walked over to the table because of the sign, got there and saw an array of stretch skirts. What in the world would I wear that with? Than I thought of my girl of the moment, Sydney at The Daybook. Not only am I completely smitten with her amazingly well put together outfits, and her feel good writing, but I am completely inspired by her personal style. That girl knows how to put together an outfit.

Lady in Red
As one of the 30 in 30 remix items she had a purple skirt that looked suspiciously like the ones on the table I found myself staring at in my local Forever 21. I walked away deciding that I just couldn't rock a stretch skirt quite like that girl.

I showed up the next day after work and purchased 2, Red and Blue. It's time I stepped out of my normal zone of comfort. I may not wear this skirt as well as that girl, but I can certainly try. Isn't that what inspiring blogging buddies are for?
Lady in Red


Pamela said...

My curiousity is ALWAYS peaked when I see a sale sign. I wander over and always check it out. Great score on the red skirt! It looks great on you. sometimes stretch skirts are way too tight and end up looking like a bandage skirt (at least on me!) but this one hangs nicely!

Jamie said...

I too am a tried and true sale shopper. I love to tell the BF about all my great finds (he sometimes pretends to be interested). But this $4 skirt is a truly great find, and works just perfectly on your slender frame.

And thanks so much for the link to the Daybook. I had never red that blog before, but it's added to my bloglist for daily reading now!

Nerdic.. said...

I love red!
x fashionnerdic

Michelle said...

That skirt is fantastic! And extra awesome for being on sale. :)

MelindaJane said...

That is the best $4 skirt i've ever seen and especially forever 21 skirt! Very nice outfit :)

Maybe you would like to look at my blog and follow me? :)


Brittney said...

Looks great! I love the length, the color, everything. I hope you felt fabulous wearing this, because you look adorable. And, hi, "for sale" signs? Yes, please!
p.s. I just started a daily fashion blog of my own and would love it if you came by/followed: http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com Sometimes it might make you smile. Or roll your eyes. Or go to sleep. But it'll hardly ever make you want to go vacuum your house, because, let's be honest, who would EVER want to go vacuum when there are blogs to be had? :) Hope to see you there.

Alina A. said...

lovely skirt!xx



Totally want that skirt! Four dollars, whaa??? Jealous.

Rochelle said...

You rocked that skirt!
Great job with prices too! I love getting great deals on things too and am teased by many friends about being able to "sniff out" good deals :-)

Anonymous said...

that is such a nice skirt, and eleastic, i read someplace, on your flickr maybe, anyway with your wonderful natural elegance and nice tones this is outstanding!