Monday, December 20, 2010

Library Style

Library Style
For the last few years I have been fighting the 'soccer-mom' look. For some reason I tend to opt for items of clothing that when combined look much more soft, warm and well maternal and not as much young and fun. In all honestly, I don't mind looking like a soccer-mom, and can't wait for the day when I will be the best dressed mom at the PTA. For now however, I'm working on embracing my options and trying looks that are a bit more flattering for my age.

Library Style
One night at the dinner table with my family I mistakenly announced, " It isn't easy to wake up every morning and choose not to look like a Librarian". Thus a running joke with my sisters was born and a paranoia slowly creeped into my internal monologue. I have nothing against looking like the cool teacher at school, but I don't look like the crazy Lady right? The one with the frog eyes on her shoes and the earrings to match? I don't resemble everyone's favorite teacher, Mrs Frizzle do I?
Library Style
After a few weeks of haunting dreams full of bus driving lizards and mistaken identity in daycares I decided to put an end to the voices of my sisters in the back of my head. Maybe my personal style is a bit Soccer Mom. Maybe my choice of wardrobe tends to be a bit more practical. Maybe I will un-intentionally match my purple denim skirt with my purple stripped skirt perfectly. What's so wrong with that?

In the words of the amazing Johhny, "There is nothing wrong with looking like a Soccer Mom. You just have to be the hottest soccer mom around."

Watch out PTA, there is a new stylish lady on the block.

Library Style


hillary said...

ha so you don't want to look like the crazy lady and like a librarian?

I happen to know that many are VERY hip ;)

Kayla said...

Well I happen to be only half as hip as some Librarians I know ;) I just don't necessarily want to look like the Ms. Frizzle kind of Librarian.

Though, if you happen to be a librarian, I may be changing my mind!

hillary said...

I am. I kinda dig ms frizzle though!
Eccentric wackadoodle who dances to the beat of her own drum! I could do without the frizzy hair though. The older you get the more you start to accept being THAT crazy lady. Oy. heeee

Jewelscapes Handmade Jewelry said...

Love this top on you! What a fun look, and that necklace is a great touch too.

Dylana Suarez said...

You look great! I really love these colors on you!


Anonymous said...

The color of the skirt is cute, even though i'm not a big fan of purple, it looks good on you. x

Brittney said...

cuuuute! Must.Find.Those.Tights.In.My.Size.