Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Wrap-Up

The Holiday's were exhaustively fantastic, Full of family, laughter, warmth and fun. There is nothing better than spending 3 days just enjoying your family. There is also nothing worse than the feeling Monday morning when you are reminded that you have to get back to real-life. There are no more gifts to wrap, no more surprises to plan and no more Days off from work. Both Johnny and I are blessed with family and friends who really know us as Kitchen Gadgets packed both of our stockings. He also had a few surprises up his sleeve in the form of a Nikon D5000! We had agreed to exchange small gifts only so I had no idea it was coming, and felt a little bad about his DVD and Sudoku Journal. They could hardly compare. He reminded me that Gift Giving is not a competition, although he clearly won.

I had full intentions of getting right back into the blogging mood after the Holidays, but we woke up Monday to the Snow Storm that many other bloggers have been talking about. After shoveling through knee deep snow before heading for work, my outfit quickly took a backseat to functionality. The snow combined with my 'holiday hours' this week at work I have found my week of Holiday detox full of longer work days, cold temperatures and Sore Muscles ( shoveling really is an annoying amazingly good work-out). The only solution of course has been warm sweaters, mugs of Hot Tea, and snuggling up on the couch with every SLR manual I can get my hands on. I think Fashion will be taking a bit of a backseat this week as I continue my wind down from all of the Winter Holiday Excitement. Have you found it easy to get right back into your routine, or are you also suffering from a bit of the Slow-to-Get-Up-And-Go Syndrome?

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Wow, congrats on the new camera !! I've had my ebay-scored DSLR for a few months now and still barely know how to use it. It's a superfun toy, though :)