Monday, November 15, 2010

Season Appropriate

Season Appropriate
Considering I've spent the last week going Holiday Shopping crazy, I'm almost ashamed to admit that getting into the swing of Fall Weather dressing has been extremely difficult for me. For a bit of time I seem to have lost some of my creative steam, and even worse I seem to have forgotten how to dress in much more than a cozy sweater and jeans. Slowly but surely I will come around again, I just hope I get my butt back in gear prior to Spring.
Season Appropriate
When I spotted this Lace Cardigan on the Clearance rack at Target, I knew I couldn't leave with-out it. I even hemmed and hawed about what color to buy, and almost walked out with it in all of the options. I knew however that Brown would be the most versatile and left with only the one. Since than the cardigan has hung in my closet, staring at me, waiting to be worn. Consider this a victim of the Weather Dressing Melt-Down of 2010. The Cardigan itself is darling, but it just doesn't scream warm and cozy and that seems to be the only thing I can slip myself into recently. I woke up however determined to get out of the funk. I slipped on the tights, brought out the lace and headed out into the chilly world, determined to not let it get me down. Please pay no attention to the stink face you see below. Also, please don't let it fool you. I actually really loved this outfit.
Season Appropriate

Purple Coat: Charlotte Russe $10
Lace Cardigan: Target $12
Green Stripped Shirt: Old Navy $4
Brown Skirt: Goodwill $4
Black Tights: Peter Harris $1.49
Tan Oxford Heels: $20
Bracelet: Hand-me-Down from Aunt


JMay said...

Love the fall leaves, you look so cute!

carlyjcais said...

Oh I just love this lace cardigan on you - you look fantastic! What a great Fall layering piece! Now I'm sorry I didn't grab my own from my local Target when I saw it on sale...
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!