Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Deals and Steals

I mentioned in my last Post, that I have been doing a bit of Holiday Shopping. Actually I have been doing a lot of shopping. I've made my lists, I've checked them twice and I have started the hunt to find everyone the perfect gift. Lucky for me, most of my gift giving is to Ladies. I always find it easier to shop for girls, mostly because I buy things I know I'd like to get :) This season, I am finding a ton of great gift ideas at I tend to check the website whenever I have household needs, and have always found a fantastic selection, and thus far have had great luck with their customer service. In an effort to help save some cash this season, I'm checking everywhere for best deals so when Overstock contacted me, to remind me of their selection, I was so excited to see their jewelry options. Necklaces make a great gift for the ladies in my life, and I love picking out charms and pendants that are specific to the last year. Overstock may have wanted to remind me to check out their website, but they didn't have to remind me of their prices. Completely reasonable! Especially for a girl with 28 people on her Shopping List!

You just can't go wrong with a heart necklace! I think every woman should have at least 2 Heart shaped options. The shape is classic, and the hint of charm that I think a delicate heart charm can bring works with every outfit. I love that this darling heart has a little pearl inside. I think this may be a fantastic gift idea for the older ladies in my life.

This has been an exciting year for my girlfriends. An adorable little man entered the life of a dear friend, and another amazing friend will be busy this holiday season baking her own little bundle of joy. I would love to gift both of them ( and maybe one for another girlfriend if this baby business is contagious!) with a little necklace to remind them of this amazing year.

I probably don't have to say to much about this darling Necklace. In fact I may be putting this on my Christmas list instead of gifting it to others. What girl couldn't use a little extra High Heeled bling in their Jewelry Cabinet?
My favorite little lady to shop for is my niece. She may only be 2, but I've been busy stocking up on all of the needs for a growing young Woman. I toyed with the idea of getting her a great piece of Jewelry (not quite like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills- Taylor... really?) . I know she won't be wearing this for a number of years yet, but I used to love when my Aunts and Grandmothers would gift me with jewelry as a young girl. The special boxes would sit in my mother's Jewelery Box and I could visit them anytime I wanted. I just wasn't allowed to wear them until I was much older. I would love to continue the tradition of Jewelry admiration with my niece, and this pumpkin necklace is a great place to start! Plus, with such a fantastic price, should her admiration turn into more and this dainty little necklace ends up in more than one piece, it will not be too much of a loss. She is only 2. ( Really Taylor- Really?)

I'm glad Overstock sent me a little reminder. Now I've got some great options, and can keep checking some names off my list. Now if only the boys were so easy to shop for!!

All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I was provided with a discount code.

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