Thursday, November 04, 2010

Fall Favorite: Jeggings

Last winter, I got my hands on my very first pair of Jean Leggings, and it was instant lust. I loved how comfortable they were, and yet how they had the appearance of a more expensive denim. Those were not Jeggings, those were Denim Looking Leggings. When I noticed that 'Jeggings' seemed to be making another appearance this season, I did my celebration dance. There is nothing more fantastic, than slipping into a great looking pair of jeans, and fooling the world into thinking that what you are wearing is more expensive, and less comfortable than it really is. When Maurice's offered to send me a pair for review, I did my celebration dance a little longer, and a little more enthusiastic. The kind of dance that the NFL charges fines for. Maurice's has always been a go-to store for me, and with their history of amazing options, I was excited to see what they had to offer. The lust I still share with my first pair of Denim-Like Leggings, was immediately replaced with my love for my first pair of Actual Denim Leggings. These are a bit more like super skinny jeans, ( being that they are actually denim!) and a big less like leggings, but the comfort is all the same. Since I have been living in these Jeggings, I was eager to share with some some outfits I've been running around town in. What started as a little denim review, is quickly becoming a full Jegging Lookbook! Next week I'd like to share some more outfits with you as well.

Jeggings offer not only the look of jeans, but they come with the convenience of being tight on the leg, making them perfect for boot season. I have been happily discovering though, that I love the look of these Jeggings with flats as much as I have with boots.

Fall Favorite
Coral Stripped Shirt: Old Navy $4
Cream Cardigan: Ann Taylor via Goodwill $2.50
Necklace: inherited from Aunt
Boots: Salvation Army $3
Jeggings: courtesy of Maurices

Fall Favorite
Denim Shirt: Miley Cyrus for Walmart $5
Beige Tie: came from another shirt
Boots: Charlotte Russe $ 10
Necklace: Charlotte Russe $4.50
Jeggings: courtesy of Maurices

Fall Favorite
Yellow Sweater : Old Navy $4
Mustard Yellow Shirt: Maurices $6
Necklace: won in giveaway
Boots: Kmart $5
Jeggings: courtesy of Maurices

Fall Favorite
Red Sweater: Eddie Bauer via Goodwill $2.50
White Tank Top: Charlotte Russe $6
Brown Flats: Kmart $15
Jeggings: courtesy of Maurices

I have often talked about my love of Maurice's as a clothing company. Not only do they offer some great looking clothes, but they recently expanded their Plus Size line offering an impressive selection. A few of my girlfriends now swear by them for all of the clothing needs. When I went in to pick-up these pants, I may have also walked out with $100 worth of other merchandise. ( Did I mention that that included a pair of Denim Looking Leggings, and a pair of Skinny Jeans? I can't get enough of their Jeans!) What else can a girl do with some many perfect for work shirts, and amazing for weekend sweaters just staring at me from the racks? I'm going to keep wearing these Jeggings until I simply can't wear them anymore, so keep a look out next week for another Jegging outfit round up!


Allergic to Vanilla said...

love this first look! I have not yet purchased any jeggings--seeing as I have many jeans I don't wear, I figured I'd spare myself a few bucks!

I can't believe you got those short booties for $3!!! When I go to the Goodwill, nothing is ever $3. Which one do you go to?!

xo Carlina

JMay said...

Those jeans look amazing on your! Such cute outfits :-)

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Loving that first outfit, and the perfectly adorable name of your blog!!