Friday, November 05, 2010

Pajama Friday

Pajama Friday

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Hand-Me-Ups. ( Hand-me-Downs to some, but there is nothing down about these gifts!) In these bags of gifted clothes lives some items that your closet was missing, some you didn't know you need, and some that are just begging to be played with. I always love finding options that I enjoy, but maybe wouldn't have purchased for myself. Now I get to give these clothes new life however, and style them up with my wardrobe. I have a co-worker, whose son is the same age as my brother. Every few months he brings in a bag for me to drop off with my brother. When the bag of 'Pajama clothes' came however, I decided to go through it first. My brother has been blessed with the same long legs as I, which I knew unfortunately meant that some of the options in the bag would just be to short. I figured I mind as well sort through and take out what I knew won't work, and than I can drop those off at the Goodwill on my way. What I hadn't intended to do of course, was to find clothes in there for me. Of course, these were the clothes of a 12 year old boy, why wouldn't I find something for myself in there?

Pajama Friday
There wasn't much plaid in my wardrobe, until I spotted this Flannel Pajama Top. I knew right away that this would be a great rainy day option. The shirt itself, since it's intended for a small boy, and for one going to bed isn't very fitted, but that problem is easily solved by tucking the shirt in. After hanging in my closet for a few weeks, the perfect rainy fall day came and I knew it was time to bring out the plaid. As I stood at the copier talking to my co-worker, he kept staring at my shirt. I finally asked if he was staring because it looked familiar. "No, should it? I'm staring because I can't believe you are wearing what looks like Pajama's to the office." Well Mr. Co-worker, these look like pajamas because they are pajamas, and I paired them with heels immediately upping the fancy factor. Also, did I mention that you are wearing white socks with your black shoes? Who can't believe whose fashion choice now?

Pajama Friday

Plaid Shirt: hand-me-down intended for my brother
Skirt: hand me up from a fantastic friend
Belt: Charlotte Russe $5
Black tights: Peter Harries $3
Beige Oxford Heels: Ami $20


Lori said...

That's so cool you found stuff for you in the hand-me-ups bag! I wouldn't have immediately thought that's was a pajama top so I'm surprised your coworker noticed. Annoying comment though! Blech on coworkers who can't dress commenting on adventurous style. Props to you for repurposing a pajama top so well! It's like when I belted a scarf once, a colleague walked by in the hallway and said "what's going on in front? It looks like an apron!" she couldn't understand someone belting a scarf and said so. :/


Jamie said...

Your beige oxfords are divine when worn with the darker tights. How perfect! I love Hand-Me-Ups. One of my older cousins used to pass her clothes along to me. Unfortunately, I'm now six inches taller and two sizes larger than she is, so that system doesn't really work any more!