Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Taking Advantage

November has always been one of my favorite months of the year, because it holds my birthday! The older I get though, the less I get excited for gifts and the more excited I get for a celebratory dinner and some great family dinner. The best gifts are always time spent with great company. ( Cheesy right? Are you reading this Johnny? I won't hate it if you get me a gift, but everyone else just spend time with me!) Each year though, I do take advantage of the holiday and spend some time deciding what to gift myself with! This girl is still on a tight budget, so birthday or no birthday, I will not go spending crazy. I usually try to take advantage of the coupons that I know certain companies will send me for my birthday. Interested in seeing what I've got my eye on this year?

The Sartorialist [Paperback]

Scott Schuman (Author)

I put this book into my shopping cart when it first came out. I even stalked the bookstore and spent some time on a couch in the corner flipping through the pages. I was so jealous of Kyla last year for getting the book from her husband (her birthday is the same day as mine!). I even searched for some coupons, and than hem and haw'd again over the math. In the end I didn't pick up the book, but I have spent a ton of time thinking about it. The price has come down a bit since it first came out, and I think it's time I treat myself and pull the trigger. Amazon currently has the book online for $16.50. I did find it online at, and it seems to be in stock. It is listed as $25 online, but be sure and check in store for some potentially different pricing.

Style Diaries: World Fashion from Berlin to Tokyo [Paperback]

Simone Werle (Author)

I actually hadn't heard about this book until Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky mentioned it the other day. It seems right up my alley, and I was more and more excited about this book as I started my online research. This book seems to be similar to The Sartorialist, in that it contains a ton of pictures, but it is entirely based on fashion bloggers. It even looks like there may be some of my favorite bloggers featured in this book! Borders listed it online for $24.95, but it seems like you can't get it in store and it may be back ordered. It even looked like it could take between 3-6 weeks for shipment from Amazon. A full book featuring fashion bloggers however will likely be worth the wait!

Lauren Conrad Style

Lauren Conrad

The connection Lauren Conrad and I shared all started back in senior year. I was still growing into my height, she was staring on a show on MTV, shortly after I got my first little run down place while she got a dream internship offer in Paris. Now she is living life as an Author, Designer and will soon be back on television. I had chicken noodle soup for dinner on the couch, in my slippers while my dishwasher was running. Basically our lives are one in the same. I have a great respect for Miss Conrad, and have been an admirer of her style for quite some time. The reviews on this book so far look great, and I can't wait to pick it up myself! Amazon offers this book online for $14, and it looks like Borders also carries it for $13. I think I may use my birthday coupon and pick this up in store.

Loveit Overlasted Platform Pump



I can't explain my love for colored heels. I searched out a fantastic pair in electric blue, that just never fit right. I ordered a pair of amazing berry heels, that were out of stock and never arrived to me. When I noticed these Berry Fioni heels online, I knew just what I wanted to put my birthday coupon from Payless towards. Not only are these the perfect fall color, but I think they will be great alternative to my Red Suede heels. Perfect for a day when a pop of color is called for, but subtlety is key.

Until a year ago, I avoided wedges like the plague, now I can't stop myself from pairing them with every pair of skinny jeans and leggings I can find. They are the perfect way to add height, without sacrificing comfort. Plus you can wear socks with these shoes, and no-one will be the wiser. The perfect cold weather companion. Forever 21 has an amazing shoe selection currently, so I'll have to check the store for some inventory. If I keep staring at this picture long enough however, I may just convince myself to order them online and risk the size. It is my birthday after all.

Every girl needs a pair ( or 4) of party shoes in their closet, and lately I've been feeling as those my party shoes are a tad bit predictable. These jeweled heels are not only a bit surprising, but they will be the perfect birthday celebration shoe. I think these could also easily carry themselves into Christmas parties, and New Years celebrations. This purchase will again depend on in-store inventory, but for now, this girl will spend the month planning a perfect Birthday look around these heels.


Natalie said...

Gasp! When did Forever 21 get those wedge booties in?! I love them! Thanks for sharing! Happy early birthday!

The Bird said...

I am obsessed with The Sartorialist! It's a crazy good book. I've gotten it twice from my local library, and hated to part with it each time. It was a major reason I got into blogging earlier this year. I would suggest checking your library, and if they don't have it you can request they buy/borrow it.