Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Truth about Fall

I hate to be the barer of bad news, but I think it's time the truth comes out. Fall Leaves are pretty, that much is still true, but after approximately 2 days on the ground they stink.
And I don't mean they don't smell nice, I literally mean they stink like decay. They have a reason to frankly, because decaying is exactly what they are doing. Particularly after the rain, leaves quickly become a little less pretty and a little more annoying. Annoying and moldy. When we were little, my sisters and I would love jumping in the leaves. This activity is amazing the day of or after the leaves begin to fall. Quickly however they gather water, mold and insects. After those first few days, jumping in leaves becomes more slimy and less exciting. I understand now that wet moldy bug infested leaves are the reason Hardware Stores stock gloves next to the brown outdoor bags.
I picked the light-weight top layer up a few months ago because I loved everything about it. It's light making it perfect for throwing into a purse, it's short sleeve making it great for layering and it has an amazing detailed back. This piece yelled,' perfect for transition'. What it didn't yell quite as loud however was ' probably going to make your hips look huge'. In general I avoid tops that hit me at or below the middle of my butt. I have some hips that are normally pretty well disguised by the length of my legs, but letting things hang right in that area makes they harder to camouflage. I hoped that belting with a ribbon would help to give this item a bit more of a shape. I loved the final product because it was comfortable. I'm still not in love with this look as far as being flattering to my figure, but sometimes comfort does get to take the front seat.
Sometimes I even let comfort steer.

White Light- Weight Top Layer: Charlotte Russe $5 ( blog debut)
Green Stripped Tee: Rue 21 $3
Beige Ribbon Tie: taken off of another shirt
Jeans: Urban Behavior $15
Leopard Flats: Target $6
Necklace: Payless $2


Cindy said...

I have a similar layering top in grey that I got a while back but really couldn't figure out how to wear it. Maybe I will try a ribbon (: It looks great on you!

Also, I don't see fall leaves like that where I live (South Central, anyone?) and I've always romanticized how nice it would be. Maybe someday... Great pictures!

Sarah said...

Ha ha that's so true they really do smell pretty nasty after a few days. I can't believe you got that necklace for $2 Nice find!

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