Monday, October 18, 2010

Sequin Style Check- Up

I filled out my first Weekly Money Check- Up survey expecting it to be a one time thing. Instead I found it to be something I look forward to each week. It has helped me to get organized, and has made me feel much more in-tune with my spending. Since this has quickly become a feature, I decided it deserved it's own name! This is Part 1 of my Weekly Check- Ups, Sequin Style ( or money) will be completed each Monday, and Part 2 will be the Internal Style ( or whole being) will be completed each Friday. Be sure and check in with My Pretty Pennies, the creator of the Money Check-Up Survey, each week to see her answers! I hope everyone reads each post and can relate in some way. Please feel free to fill out these same questions on your blog, but be sure and send me the link in the comments! I love to see everyones answers each week.

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on _____. $92 on Groceries. Not run of the mill groceries either. I'm attempting to incorporate more Gluten Free options into my diet for health reasons. Johnny is a huge cook and our spice cabinet is full, but the baking ingredients are left up to me. I stocked us with Soy Flour, Baking Soda, and lots of other stuff we've been missing. I got it all home and unpacked, excited about our full kitchen until I realized I was missing a necessity for my recipes. A rolling Pin! I'll be headed back to the store tonight.

2. Today I feel _______towards money. Behind. I've been getting all of my bills paid much more efficiently, but some weeks are more bill heavy than others. This week is bill heavy, and next week will be to. I can't help but feel a bit behind on weeks when my entire paycheck is alloted before the money is even put into my account.

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free/inexpensive thing I did last week that made me happy was_____________. Take my sisters photos. My sister is a Senior this year, and asked if I would be willing to take her photos. We explored a few different places and ended up getting some amazing pictures. It was completely free to chase my sister around with my camera and we had a ton of fun. Not to mention now her Senior Pictures were also completely free. They come with a special memory as well, and those always make me happy.

4. I will consider this week a success if I _____________. Stick to the plan! Before I went on my shopping ban, I purchased 4 pairs of shoes online. When the box came, it only had 2 pairs with a note saying that the other 2 are no-longer in stock. I received my refund, but decided since that money was already 'spent' on shoes, I would put it into the safe shopping account. It isn't money I have to spend, but I would like to use it to find a replacement pair of heels, since the ones I wanted never shipped. I'm hoping I can wait it out however and keep this week spending free. Than next week I'll take my still 'spent' money and find myself the perfect nude heels!

5. My favorite cereal is ___________. Special K. Boring, I know but for some reasons, my favorite cereal are the nutty crunchy ones. Johnny however loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch. There may be a morning or two when I'll steal a bowl for myself.


Sarah said...

I love the statement about money not buying happiness. The best part of me week never has to do with something I spent money on. I totally agree it's the fun little things!

Wearing It On My Sleeves

Brittany said...

This is such a wonderful idea!I love your number four. I need to do more of that! I have way too many impulse buys, eek!

Cindy said...

I enjoy reading your responses every week! I particularly like the idea of a "safe shopping" fund lying around somewhere. I think I will start one now for when my shopping ban is finally over (: Your free/inexpensive thing you did sounds like such a great memory!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I know what you mean about feeling behind with money. This week has been bill-heavy for me too and I also have to pay my car insurance and wait until some of my expense checks from biz trips come in! Ack!

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