Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Power of Comfort

For Johnny's grandmother's birthday this year, his mother planned a party at the house. We decided to go a bit all out this year, and so the date had been blocked off on our calendar for weeks. All of which is part of the reason why when I woke up the morning on the party feeling miserable, I knew I needed to suck it up for a few hours, and keep keep it low key. I've unfortunately been this kind of sick before, so I knew that it wasn't contagious, but I also knew that I didn't want to walk into the party and declare myself to be ridden with germs. My plan was simple, dress comfy, but not sloppy and sneak away for a quick nap in the guest room as soon as the opportunity arises.

The plan was a success. My quick 15 minute nap went completely unnoticed, and gave me the extra boost of energy that I needed to get through the afternoon. Although I waited until the last minute to slip off my sweat pants and bathrobe before leaving, I wasn't to upset about having to slip into my new favorite Jeggings, though I use that term loosely. ( I've been crazy over jeggings this last week, stay tuned next week as I have a Feature planned!) When I spotted these on the $3 rack at Wal-mart, I couldn't resist giving them a try. They are listed as Skinny Jeans, but the fabric feels more like a cotton dream. They fit like a glove, and not the kind of glove that makes you look like Sausage in a casing, the perfect kind of gray leather glove. A simple tee, and a cardigan to make the whole look a bit fancy and I was ready and dressed in my icky feeling gear. The second best thing to a fleece blanket and tea on the couch? Amazing Gray Skinny Jeans.

Cardigan: old
Tee: Ann Taylor new via Goodwill $4
Brown Lace Cami: Weathervane $6
Gray Skinny Jeans: LEI via Walmart $3
Trouser Socks: Peter Harris $1.50
Gray Flats: Charlotte Russe $8
Necklace: Lia Sophia $15


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what a great little sweet necklace!

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