Monday, October 18, 2010

Loud and Proud

When I first started this blog, I did so with no intentions of it sticking. I started it to act as a place to sort out my thoughts, and to document my clothing outfits, inspirations and ideas. I kept my blog Top Secret. It wasn't that I was ashamed of it, or even embarrassed, but it was my special place. I wasn't ready to share. Slowly I started sharing, a few random strangers here, my mother there, all of my friends shortly after. Now I can proclaim that I am proud Blogger. I love blogging, and I love the inspiration I get from reading blogs, and I love the amazing people that this blog has helped me to 'meet'.
When I saw this shirt about a year go, I snickered to myself and than put it back on the rack. I felt that wearing a shirt like this is the equivalent to boxers sporting fake tattoo's as a form of advertisement, or being that mom who proudly walks through the Grocery Store with her ' Proud of my Honor Student' Shirt. This blog has become more of a friend, and less like my honor student. I love the connections I've made with and through this little blog, but I don't think I'll soon be taking out advertisement spots in the local paper.

I saw this shirt approximately 3 more times through-out the course of the year, each time snickering and putting it back on the rack. Until the last time. Finally the price dropped to the $1 mark, and I couldn't say no. This shirt has become the perfect, under a sweater option. It is cotton, it is comfy and it fits like a dream. Maybe one day I'll get sassy and display this beaut on its own. Until than however, it is the perfect $1 weekend tee.
Blogging Tee: Charlotte Russe $1 ( debut on blog)
White Ruffle Cardigan: Charlotte Russe $5
Jeans: Weathervane ( old)
Flats: Payless $7 ( debut on blog)

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Lori said...

HAHA I LOVE it! And your poses in these photos are super cute! I'm so happy you blog too! :)


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