Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sassy Lady

I wasn't kidding when I said that you just can't get these pants off of me! When I took them off the of rack at Wal-mart, I thought that they would be a good ' worn with sneakers on a weekend' option, and that's it. I knew that these pants could never transition to work, or to the fun events but I just couldn't resist their amazing material, or their $3 price tag.
I certainly never thought you'd catch me pairing these pants with heels. No sirree. Some girls can pull of the super skinny jean look, but I am just not one of those girls. Heels will only accent my behind and hips, so flats with skinnies only for me! Oh how wrong I was. These pants seem to work with everything, and enjoying dinner and karaoke in this pant, heel combo made me feel sassy.
So sassy in fact, I may have sang a little ' Wannabe' by Spice Girls. There is just something about a great pair a jeans, amazing heels and great girl power song to make a girl feel feisty!

( On a technical note: After months of searching I have finally figured out how to make my images bigger! I have also discovered, unfortunately that my new method, while making the images bigger is also making them blurrier. I still have some adjustments to make, so please bare with me. In the meantime, do you find the bigger images better to see?)

Blue Stripped Shirt: Old Navy $4
Black Super Short Sleeve Cardigan: old
Gray Skinny Jeans: LEI via Wal-mart $3
Black Booties: Kmart $20
Necklace: Maurices $12
Watch: Florida Flea Market $6


Lori said...

those skinny jeans really were a good deal. I think they look better with the booties than they did with the flats :)

It is easier to see detail on larger pics. Your second pic though looks like it may have been stretched horizontally a bit in the process?


Between Laundry Days said...

Wow, what awesome jeans! And this outfit is so darn fun!

In terms of pictures, the bigger ones are definitely a bit better, but they are kind of fuzzy, and seem a tad stretched. How do you upload them? For me, I upload everything into Flickr, and then insert the pictures from there. It allows me to pick size and keeps things pretty crisp.