Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love Me Haircut

Love Me Haircut

For my brother's 13th birthday, I thought I would update his wardrobe with some ' cool kid' tees from Target. Of course I couldn't resist taking a quick swing through the Women's Clearance section while I was there. I have $32 remaining in my safe spending account from the return on those shoes that never showed, so I didn't feel to guilty. When I spotted this Small Tee and saw the $3 price tag I knew that I wanted this to come home with me. I have a sweet spot for awesome tees, and an even sweeter spot for comfortable cotton. I had no intentions of wearing this to work, but knew that it could be a great weekend layering option. When I finally made my way to the men's department, I noticed piles of this shirt on the racks. Apparently this shirt was not made for women and actually for men, and I apparently didn't care. Equality in all things right? And by equality I mean yellow is a great color on me too men of the world, and $3 is a price that I love so what could have been yours is now mine. Or could still be yours if your Target is as well stocked in Elvis Concert Tee's as mine was.

Love Me Haircut
I'm sorry Readers? Did you want me to mention my new hair instead of rambling on about this silly Tee?? Thank you for noticing! I have spent the last few months thinking about going short with my hair. As a child my hair was shoulder length and bright blonde, but the older I get the darker and more unhealthy it gets at longer lengths. I've finally come to terms with the fact that my hair is not meant for length, or for lighter colors. So the haircut thoughts began. I spent some time searching online for styles I liked, and tried my hand at a few different ' input celebrity hair onto your head' websites. In the end I found an amazing hair style that I loved, and decided that along with it I wanted to go dark with my hair.

Love Me Haircut
I must be honest and say that while I've thought about cutting my hair for awhile, the final decision came while looking through my blog posts. My natural hair color added nothing to my look, and while it didn't take away anything either, should your hair compliment you? Shouldn't your hair be considered an extra accessory to your style, and if that is the case, than would you add a necklace to an outfit that you just felt blah about? It was time to cut my hair, and claim with it a 'look'. All of that is true of course, but the less dramatic version is that I was sick of my hair, I pulled it back each day and that made no sense to me. Why have hair if you are just going to hide it in a ponytail? So off to the stylist I went.

Love Me Haircut
The stylist and I sat down and looked at different color options, and than decided to go with a striking dark brown. I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that I would look more like Edward Cullen with my pale skin and dark hair, but if I wanted drama, I had to take the plunge. That is until the stylist pulled the towel off my head and we both dropped our jaws in shock. Apparently my hair is full of red under-tones, and pulls red more than brown. Lesson learned. I love the final look. My stylist looked frightened by the color, but I asked her to leave it just as it is. I find the color has warmed up my face a bit, and I love the bit of spunk it has added to my style. I am most surprised to find that people seem to agree that this new color looks more natural on me than my natural color did. I suppose that is the best compliment one can receive on a new hair style. Well that, and the mention of how much they adore Elvis Presley when he sings, ' Love Me Tender'. Me too random stranger. Me too.

Love Me Haircut

Elvis Concert Tee: Target $3
Cardigan: Target $5
Denim Trousers: Gap via Consignment Shop $12
Reversible Belt: Maurice's $18
Circle Scarf: Miley Cyrus for Walmart $1
Black and White Flats: Lela Rose for Payless $7
Beige Trouser Socks: Peter Harris(discount store) $1.49


Cindy said...

Cute new hairstyle! I chopped off mine 3 years ago to chin-length and loved how light and manageable it was! Great outfit, too!

Pamela said...

Your new hair cut and color are adorable! It's such a great length for you.

and man, woman, child---a $3 tee is right up my alley!!!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Your new 'do looks fantastic! I think the cut and the deeper color flatters you quite well - and who can beat a $3 tee?! Awesomeness!

Jamie said...

That IS a great hairdo! And your target sweater is so cute -- it reminds me a similar sweater from Anthro, but I love the wider stripes on your version.

Between Laundry Days said...

I love the haircut!!!