Friday, October 29, 2010

Hint of Heart

I like to consider myself a bit of a layering queen. It was never a well thought out plan to figure out how to layer items, as much as a desperate attempt to do anything in my power to stay warm, without sacrificing fashion. By nature I am a cold person, and as soon as the temperatures drop below 75, I start my fast scramble, using my creative skills, to keep myself warm. Despite all of my winters with long sleeves under short, sweaters under jackets, and beige socks in my flats, I never once thought about wearing a tank top under a sweater.
Picnik collage2
It hit me the other day while I was cleaning. Why can't I put my tank tops to better use this season? How this concept escaped me for so long I can't be sure. I have piles of tank tops complete with ruffles on the neckline. Each fall I pack all of my tank tops into their box and slide them right under my bed. This season however, I decided to keep them out for a bit just in case something came to me. Suddenly I can't be stopped! I've got piles of ruffled tank tops waiting to be paired with plain sweaters. I love the style of this tank top, but have had a hard time working the bright heart pattern into an outfit. With just the perfect amount peeking over the top of my bright yellow sweater, I fell in love all over again. The perfect solution to extend my tank tops into the next season, and to keep my wardrobe feeling new. The summer long wait to layer, was well worth it.
Heart Tank Top: Charlotte Russe $2
Yellow Sweater: Old Navy $4
Jeans: Seven new via Marshall's $20
Red Suede Shoes: Collin Stuart via Goodwill $5
Gray Belt: Came with dress
Necklace: Lia Sophia $15


Between Laundry Days said...

Um, this is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. The blouse, the shoes, the sweater. I love this!!

Henar said...

This look is adorable!! You look lovely!!!
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Pamela said...

from head to toe, this entire look is awesome! one of the best!

The Bird said...

Those red shoes are a killer thrifting find! I have a pair of red flats from Old Navy and they get more compliments than any other pair I own (which is above fifty I think).

Mj. said...

Not even sure how I got to your blog (probably Kendi Everyday...?) but it's great!! This is my favorite outfit so far, and, as scrolling down = reading backwards, I'm excited to keep finding more in your archives. You have to be a thrifting professional to find red suede heels in good condition at Goodwill, so mad props to you for that.