Friday, October 29, 2010

Internal Style Check Up

This feature is open to all! I encourage anyone who is interested to also post the survey with your answers on your blog. If you do, I would love to be sent a link in the comment section so I can see your responses. This winter I pledge to Eat Better, Feel Better and Live Better! These are the same 5 questions for answering each week and will be Featured each Friday.

1. I'm most proud of myself for ______________ last week. Being so good with my eating habits. I have never been one for diets, I tend to lack the motivation, and really I just like food to much. So instead of restricting myself, I just decided to be more mindful of my food decisions. Instead of a hard roll, I'm getting wraps, and instead of a danish I'm having yogurt. These small decisions have made a huge difference in both how I look and how I feel. More importantly, I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything! Knowing how much better I feel now, I think these are better decisions I can keep on making.

2. The best thing to come out of my oven last week was ____________. I was able to attempt a few different things last week, but my favorite was a delicious dinner I made for Johnny and I. He likes to keep everything Low Carb and High in Protein, and I'm choosing Gluten Free options, so our dinner chooses are a bit limited at times. Together we made chicken and broccoli in an alfredo sauce that was absolutely fantastic. We both enjoyed the meal, and didn't feel ' heavy' after words, one of the main reasons for my original diet change.

3. I sweat the most last week when I ___________. I'm going to give some props for a second to the Wii Fit! I have really enjoyed using it as a work-out tool, and have already seen some differences. I don't feel pressure, but I do feel guided. I also enjoy the different activities I can do. I've got myself on a bit of a Wii Fit routine that I combine with Just Dance when I work-out at home. Who doesn't enjoy a bit of Calvin Harris "Acceptable in the 80's" ?

4. One thing I did for myself last week was ____________. Each week, I am finding this to be the hardest question to answer. In fact it should be the easiest! I know that I spend more time with relationships, work, and responsibilities than I do with myself, and this survey is proving that to me. Last week, I did stop by my local Goodwill, which I haven't visited in months. It felt good to wander through the racks and feel free for a moment or two. I didn't however buy anything. Walking out empty handed felt even better than when I sometimes walk out with something. Each week I am teaching myself new lessons, and that is the best thing I could ever do for me.

5. The nicest Compliment I received or gave last week was _____________. I work in a very casual office. A casual, male dominated office. Most of my co-workers spend there days in jeans and sweaters, so my tights and skirt combinations almost always makes me a bit over-dressed. I never mind, but I also understand that working with mostly men, most of them don't even notice that I'm often over-dressed for the occasion of paperwork and meetings. A new co-worker of mine, a female co-worker ( about time!) informed me this week that I always look so cute, and she is impressed by my color choices. I have noticed in the last few days her attempts to put together different outfits, where when she first came it was a lot of black on black. Her compliment was nice, but seeing her use me as inspiration has been even nicer of a compliment.

Be sure and send me the link in the comment section if you participate in this questionnaire as well. I would love to read everyone's responses! Keep in mind, sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to take a few minutes to appreciate our successes!

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