Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day

Some last minute responsibilities meant my planned trip to North Carolina over Labor Day Weekend was changed. I decided in place, to jump on board with Johnny and tag along on a trip to Long Island to visit his family. It's funny how life knows just where it's supposed to take you. After a stressful week, everything seemed able to reset again as we enjoyed boardgames on the back porch, the breeze on the boardwalk and the laughter that comes with reuniting family. What should feel like the end of one season is instead feeling like the ushering in of another.
I did my best not to complain during the heat wave this summer. I knew that I would be biting my tongue in just a few weeks. Where the heat once was unwavering for days, we find ourselves being quickly thrown into fall. The morning and evenings are feeling much cooler, and the days will continue to get chillier and chillier. Moving in the middle of the summer meant for Johnny and I, much of our time this last season was spent adjusting, but even through all of that chaos, I just don't feel like I missed out on much. I was able to pack a whole lot of summer into August, and I'm looking forward to the whole lot of fall I have planned for October. The seasons in the Northeast just never seem long enough, and the weather will never become predictable enough.

I'm stuck someplace between being excited for the challenges that dressing for a new season brings, and feeling a sense of remorse for all of the items that didn't get their fair wear this summer. I'm approaching the next few weeks like I did my Labor Day Weekend. I can plan all I want, but at the end of the day, only life and the big man upstairs know what is in store for us. In the meantime I should let my legs enjoy the fresh air, and let my closet begin it's slow transition into my favorite time of year.
Dress: Walmart $5
Yellow Cardigan: Target $10
Belt: Plato's Closet $2
Shoes: Walmart $4.50
Necklace: Christmas Gift from Johnny's Aunt

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