Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Fall Trend:Trouser Sock

To know me, is to know that I am a big ball of cold, almost all of the time. I seem to live in this bubble in which I just can't get warm, and that bubble seems to get even colder between the months of November and May. In the last 23 years, I have found a number of tricks to keep me warm all day long. When I'm home, I have the tricks mastered. Fuzzy socks and Fleece Sweaters however, are not appropriate for the workplace, and I'm always on the look-out for new ideas for layering options that can help me get through the winter without looking like that poor boy from A Christmas Story. You know the one who can't even put his arms down because his suit is so thick? He does look awfully warm... but still not appropriate for work. For me, the biggest way to keep warm is to make sure my feet are covered. If my toes get even the slightest bit cold, it seems to quickly spread to the rest of my body and I have the worst time getting them warm again. After a few years of wearing my favorite flat and heeled shoes to work sans tights or socks, I knew that I was only making things worse. It snows almost every day here in New York, and where there isn't snow there is slush, so bare feet is really just asking for it. Two years ago, I stocked up on black socks and spent my winter wearing those with my shoes. Last year, I took things a step further and ventured into Trouser Socks. These things are like gold for my feet! They are light weight, almost having the feel of tights except they are sock length. While they are not as warm as my fuzzy socks, that extra layer is enough to keep the cold out. So many of us spend much of the winter in tights explaining to everyone that will listen that they really are very warm. The same theory applies here with Trouser Socks. Last year, I stocked up on Black and Beige. The Beige sock was the perfect option, as they gave me the appearance of being barefoot, without actually have to deal with the snow in between the toes. A fantastic solution. This year, as I stock up again on Beige and Black Trouser Socks, I think I'll also be adding some more variety with argyle, and polka dots. Trouser Socks will be a great option in any wardrobe , to wear with booties, as a thin layer for your feet in any pair of boots, and for a little extra warmth with flats.

Do you have any great ' Keeping Warm as the Seasons Change' tips?

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