Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Vacation Essentials

When it came time to pack for our vacation a few weeks ago, I did what ever well meaning fashionable lady does. I ignored all of the well-intentioned fashion blogs about smart packing, grabbed every sundress and flowy tank I had and shoved it into my bag. My rules when it comes to packing are simple, pack for all kinds of weather and as long as it fits in the bag feel free to include it. The problem with summer clothes, is they are often thin meaning a lot more fit into the bag. I included a few different cardigans, a variety of necklaces, and all of the sandal options I had. Once our vacation started, we spent most of the day in bathing suits and sunglasses, which meant the only need to put on actual clothes came at night for dinner. Even with all of my options, I found myself gravitating towards the same three pieces. My vacation essentials.
This coral cardigan manages to match with almost everything I put it with. When I got it from the Goodwill last winter for $5, I had no idea that I would have so much to wear it with. It seems to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit, and it seems to let the bright colors shine when paired with a bold dress or shirt. On vacation this cardigan came with us to every meal. It was perfect for air conditioned restaurants and light enough to be thrown in my bag.

This necklace is also one of those items that seems to work with everything. It gets a ton of wear at home, and it also gets a ton of compliments. I have coined it my ' grandma' necklace. The perfect amount of old lady fashion and color. Much like the coral cardigan, this necklace seemed to work with every outfit I put on for vacation.

The last vacation essential became my side bag. I had purchased this bag for Halloween last year. It was a necessary part of my Sloan from Ferris Buller costume, and added the perfect bit of 80's flare. I had originally planned to donate it right back to the Goodwill after Halloween, but a little birdie convinced me to keep it. I thought having it as an option may come in handy, and that was certainly the case on vacation. It was the perfect size to carry my camera, wallet and room key, and yet wasn't so bulky it bothered my sun-sore skin. It was the perfect size bag. Everyone enjoyed making Hangover comments all week about my satchel ( " Indian Jones wears one"), but everyone also enjoyed my satchel holding their money, phones and room keys as well. I'm still undecided as to if this bag should make a trip to the Goodwill. It's only gotten two wears since it's purchase, but it was so useful on this trip that I can't help but to be undecided.
I can't guarantee that I will pack a bit wiser next trip, but I will certainly take into account how much of a role these three items played, and how useful they may be on our next excursion as well.

My Vacation Essentials:
Coral Cardigan: Old Navy via thrifted GoodWill $5
Necklace: Charlotte Russe $4
Brown Satchel: Goodwill $3


One Woman's Thoughts said...

I travel frequently and am often gone for months at a time. I enjoyed your travel fashions and found that I have a black sundress that I have grabbed so oftenit is falling apart. I can vamp it up or down with accessories and looks cute with a colorful sweater. Although form one year to the next I try to spice it up so it doesn't look like I always have the same dress on.

Bali villas said...

simple....enjoy your holiday...