Monday, August 02, 2010


Last winter I decided that I wanted my wardrobe to be filled with a bit more lighthearted feminine pieces. I've always had a soft spot for dainty items, and I wanted my closet to reflect just that. What I didn't know was that as luck would have it, at the same time the retail buyers were stocking their shelves with clothes that fit right into my needs. Much like the chicken and the egg, I'll never know who got the ideas first, me or the people paid to predict trends. The world may never know, and much like the chicken conundrum, I'm not sure I care. I would just like my breakfast sunny side up please.
( Clockwise starting in the Upper Left Hand Corner)
Eiffel Romance Necklace $5.80
Drift Away Sketch Tee $6.99
Smocked Basic Skirt $17.80
Dali Bow Heels $20.80

(Clockwise starting from Upper Left Hand Corner)
Short Sleeve All-Over Lace Top $ 15.00
Patent Peep Toe Pumps $25.50
Mixed Media Ruffle Skirt $22.50
Woven Double Buckle Belt $9.50

( Clockwise from Upper Left Hand Corner)
Floral Eclipse Tank $42.99
Recipe Cardigan $54.99
Jeu de Paume Skirt $34.99
Never Give Up Taupe Heel $44.99

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Sidewalk Chalk said...

Cute pieces. I really like the Eiffel Tower necklace and the blue skirt. It's funny that you mention not being able to find dainty items in stores before -- I distinctly remember trying to find an Eiffel Tower necklace for a roommate a few years ago and not being able to find one.