Wednesday, August 04, 2010

In My Red High Heels

The amazing Kendi from Kendi Everyday has been hosting a great challenge she's calling 30 in 30. This woman has an amazing blog, and an even more amazing sense of humor. Her husband takes all of her photos and they alone can make your drool. Their chemistry is apparently even without him in the images, and it's been a pleasure following her blog. The basic concept behind the challenge, is to spend more time remixing what's in your closet and less time shopping. I love the concept, but decided to opt out this time. I have so many different things in my closet that I want to spend more time remixing all of them, and not just 30 specific pieces. While I spend more time challenging myself with my entire closet, I have enjoyed following Kendi and many of the other re mixers on their quest. When Kendi added a bold Red Suede pair of Urban Outfitter heels to her 30 items, my ears perked up a bit. When she started wearing them once a week during this challenge, my mouth started to hang open, once she started pairing them with almost every outfit she wore I started re-arranging my budget. I need to get my hand on some amazing red heels! Just look at how versatile they are!

I got home feeling re-newed and full of red heel outfit ideas, and headed to my dressing room to get started with the planning. What could be waiting for me in the back of my closet, but my very own pair of Red Suede High Heels. I have stored these away with the rest of the shoes I consider ' Cold Weather' and had since forgotten they were there. What a find! Now that I have my pair already in hand however, I'm feeling a bit more intimidating. Summer to me has always felt very neutral and pastel ( Cream and Pink) while the Fall is full of deep tones, and darker neutrals( Brown and Green). Winter leaves me with jewel tone items( Teal and Purple), and Spring gets me started again fresh with bright bold colors( Orange and Yellow). So where does that leave room for Red? Kendi started this challenge to stretch her wardrobe imagination, and in the process got lots of other great girls to join her in the process. I took a backseat as an observer and have still found myself looking at my items a bit differently. As I come up with some different Red Shoe Options, I can't help but to appreciate the 30 in 30 challenge, and Kendi for hosting it.
So have you been keeping up with the challenge? Have you gotten some news ideas for some old pieces? Do you have any colors you unintentionally fear?

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