Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Power of the Hand Me Up

Most kids dread the same few things, 1. Having to get Glasses 2. Having to get Braces and 3. Hand me Downs. For some reason, as a kid there seem to be few things worse than seeing your mother pull the garbage bag of items from the trunk of the car. Clothes from cousins, from friends, from friends of friends, from the church- wherever your mother got these items from, everyone can agree that they never smelled like your own clothes, and that was the worst part. My sister used to hate when my mother would call us in to go through those bags, my cousins would dread hearing the words, " Go get the bag of clothes from the back of the car". I'm not sure why most kids avoid those clothes so fiercely. At any early age I saw these bags as being full of opportunity. They were full of options, and I have always loved having options. As an adult, my affinity for all things Hand Me Down has not gone away. There are few words sweeter to hear than, " I have some stuff I want you to go through. I think they may fit you". Maybe kids are prone to a negative reaction to those phrases, because the words are so negative. Sure you're handing items off, but why not a Hand Me Over? or a Hand Me Off? My preferred phrase? Hand me Up. The items I have so graciously received from friends and family are great items. They allow me a few more options, and options are an amazing thing. Did I mention that Hand Me Ups are also free? Also an amazing thing.

Black Skirt- Hand Me Up from a Dear Friend

Pink Vest- Hand me up from a Dear Friend

Corduroy Skirt- Hand me Up from my Mother

White and Black Lace looking Shoes- Hand me up from a Fashionable friend

White Knit Sweater- Hand me Up from a Dear Friend


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I love all your beautiful outfits! I especially love how you add interesting details like colorful shoes or beautiful patterns!


Ms. Givens said...

Very nice!