Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Following the Trends: Embellishments

September seems to be every one's favorite time of year when it comes to fashion. The weather starts to change, and along with it the creative clothing concepts start to come. The magazines all declare this there biggest issue ever, the Internet is bombarded with statements of the newest fall fashion trends, and with kiddies off to school everywhere, retails start to bring out their big guns, and their big sales. Deciding on what trends I want to follow is never so cut and dry for me. Usually I search through the September Magazines looking for new ideas on layering and creative ways to incorporate some of my summer styles. I also find trend features as a bit of a guideline. What can I expect to find in my favorite stores in the upcoming months? As I continue to grow in my fashionable-self, I continue to expand my definition of certain looks. Deciding on what trends I want to subscribe to each season has less to do with what everyone else will be wearing, and more to do with what I feel like wearing for the next few months. I can stock my closet with sequin mini-skirts and sky high clogs, but I will never feel like wearing them than I'm not actually following much of anything am I?

I can't help my sudden excitment for fall. I am looking forward to unpacking all of my favorite sweaters, and am excited about wearing all of my favorite fuzzy socks around the house. It's time for my boots to be brought forth from the back of my closet, and for scarves to start spending just as much time around my neck as they have on a hanger. The seasons are a-changing and along with it are my feelings on clothes. When I picture myself weeks from now walking through rows of color changing trees, there are a few things that I picture myself in. The first of these items is a perfectly embellished shirt. My summer uniform consisted of a tucked in shirt, skirt and belt. I plan on transitioning into fall by utilizing the same concept. I find myself covetting every loose shirt I can find. These will be perfect for layering under a blazer with some skinny jeans, or with a thicker skirt and cardigan. I want shirts that offer a peek of feminity, but that won't hinder extra top layers. I don't think I'm ready just yet to predict my wants for top layer cardigans, thick sweaters and coats so for now I'll work on my first layer of fall fashion. The lightly embellished tee.

Rue 21
Solid Burn-Out Scoop Tee ( Available in a Variety of Colors) $10.99

Charlotte Russe
Scattered Sequin Tee $24.00

Charlotte Russe
Floral Pearl Studded Top $18

Old Navy
Women's Slub Knit Rosette Tee( Available in a variety of colors) $16.50

Old Navy
Women's Ruffle Trim Henley( Available in a Variety of Colors) $14.50

Forever 21
Satin Bow Top $15.80
What fall items are you covetting?


Ashley J said...

I love the "message" of your entire blog...I shop stores entirely too much and need to start focusing on creating outfits in my own closet! Just found your blog and check mine out if ya want!


Kayla said...

Thanks Ashley! As a blogger it's easy to loose track of your message, but that's just how I live my life! Who needs to depend on store to put together a great outfit?