Friday, July 30, 2010

Repeat Offender

I apologize for my unexpected absence! Our week's vacation found us coming home to a week without Internet. Plus with 6 episodes of Big Brother to catch up on, my week has been filled with folding laundry and watching all of the drama circulate.
I know what you're thinking. Didn't you wear this shirt in your last post? I did, and while in real life I wore these outfits more than a week apart, I don't mind having them displayed back to back. The problem with vacation? It pushes back your blogging schedule.
When I first picked up this shirt at my local Goodwill, I didn't have any plans for it. I had no idea what to wear it with and frankly it was a bit big for me. It was a hot day however, and I couldn't say no to the sleeveless tank with the neat pattern. A favorite closet item was soon discovered.
The cotton material of this fabric makes it perfect for this summer. It is unbearably hot outside, but in the office it can be a bit chilly. Cotton to keep me comfy and warm, and sleeveless and loose fitting to keep the air flowing.

When I was a Junior in High School, I was just starting to come out from under the awkward phase. I hadn't yet discovered the power of clothes, but I was figuring out that I would always be tall and should probably just embrace it. Sitting in class one day, the Senior girl in front of me turns to her friend and asked if it was too soon to re-wear the outfit she wore on the first day of school. I did some quick math in my head. We had been in school for more then 4 weeks at this point. Too Soon? I had worn my first day shirt at least 5 times by now, and who keeps clothes in full outfits? You mean you don't mix and match? Even more than 6 years later, I can't seem to forget that moment. I've often wondered if it was Jen's comment that sparked my love for clothes, and my deep appreciation for the ability to re-wear items. I'll never forget thinking it was a waste to have something that could only be worn once every 6 weeks, and how silly that the items couldn't be re-worn separately.

I'm proud to be re-wearing this shirt. It was a great $6 investment, and it will certainly continue to be worn and re-worn, and re-mixed. The power of clothes.

Sleeveless Tank: Merona for Target via Goodwill $6
Khaki Capris: Izod $10
Belt: Charlotte Russe $5
Pearl Watch: Hand me Up from Johnny's Mother
Shoes: The Warrior Princess

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Sarah said...

I love the charlotte russe belt!!! Can I have a pearl hand me up watch too?