Friday, June 04, 2010

Fashion Friday

Have you been keeping up with all of the Fashion Friday posts over at Katy's Blog? I love reading every one's answers each week, and love feeling like I'm starting to learn a little bit more about some of my favorite bloggers. This week's questions were all about colors, ironically enough so was my Sequin Issue of the week!
1. Which color do you find the most flattering to wear? Why?
For the most part, I don't have a go-to-color. I am willing to at least try to wear any color! I do find that some colors flatter me better than other's I always enjoy the challenge of pairing together colors that at first seem reckless. My color choices do tend to change with the seasons. I always find myself drawn to bold blues, and last winter fell in love with any top I could find in a Raspberry tone. This summer I want to start embracing neutrals.
2. What color do you never wear? Why?
Black! Not for any particular reason, I just tend to find black as a safe color, and I don't often get dressed with the hopes of being safe. For that very reason I don't own many black clothes and tend to forget about the items I do have in that color tone.
3. Do you think there are universal colors that can look good on everyone?
Any and all Neutrals- especially white and gray. I think that those colors look amazing on all women, but I also think that those are the most under-worn colors out there.
4. What are your tips for wearing a color that is not the best for your skin tone, but you just simply love it?
I'm a firm believer that anyone can wear any color that they want, as long as they are willing to add other colors as well. Especially if you have a color that clashes with your skin tone, trying working the color into your accessories, or in your layering pieces. Adding a second layer to the outfit can often help to hide the fact of what you may be sure is an obvious clash, and can help to tone down the color difference. One of my favorite outfits currently for instance, is a bold yellow tank top. I pair it with a black belt and a black cardigan to help the look become less striking.
5. In regards to Makeup, what colors do you avoid, and what do you always reach for?
I have never addressed makeup on this blog, for a simple reason. I'm just not that much of a makeup wearer! My morning routine consists of powder foundation ( just enough to even me out), a quick brush of bronzer for each check and eyeliner. If I'm headed out for the night I include a neutral eyeshadow and mascara, plus a bold blush to finish the look off. My eyes tend to rotate between a bold and a bold green , so I tend to keep my eyeshadow choices pretty neutral. I also have a torrid love affair with my check bones, so I'm always excited for a great excuse to layer on lots of check enhancing pinks!
What are your feelings on colors when it comes to clothes?


TJWisdom said...

I don't own many black pieces of clothing either because I love color so much.

Kayla said...

I have quite a bit of neutrals but lately I've be ridiculously punching up the color. If I can get into a blue I will. It seems to just make my eyes and skin pop!
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