Friday, June 04, 2010

Sequin Issues: Nothing Matches

If you've ever wondered how I feel about colors, just ask Johnny. This amazing man will often look at my outfits and subtly mention, " You've got a lot of color's going on there". He's right, I almost always can be found wearing at least 2 different colors. I know that many women like to find a color pallet and stick with it, but I enjoy finding what colors I can put together that may break standard fashion rules. Having a collection of plain different colored shirts, means I can put together outfits that feel totally different, just by switching up the color. One thing I often hear, is woman saying that they don't have anything in their closet that matches. Is that true? Do you have nothing that matches, or have you just not explored all of the options your closet offers?

Sequin Issue: There are certain things in my closet that only match with other specific items.

My biggest rule when it comes to colors? If it lives in the same color family than it matches.

Sure, when you hear me say, 'Blue and Green', you think maybe it can work. When I say the words Teal, Dark Blue, Sea Green and Baby Blue what do you think? I have a feeling that many readers would look at me through squinted eyes and declare me to be off my rocker. The truth is, these colors can work together, as long as you are purposeful about your choices. These colors are in the same color family, which means that they have the ability to work together. You would wear brown and tan together wouldn't you? The same reasoning applies here. Teal and Sea Green are just a few wedges away from each other on the color wheer.

A common misconception is that if two items are different shades of the same color ( teal and baby blue for instance) they the two items don't work together. I maybe wouldn't suggest wearing a baby blue belt over a teal shirt, but putting them in the same outfit can work. Take for instance the above shoes and bracelet. Because there is so much distance between the two items, in an outfit they give the appearance of being a match.

How do you feel about color? Do you have any rules when it comes to matching that you live by?
T-Shirt: Old Navy $4
Skirt: J.Crew from Goodwill $5
Bracelet: Free from collection of Mom's old Jewelry
Peep Toe Wedges: Payless $20


Lisa - Respect the Shoes said...

I like a gal who is not afraid to wear color!

I don't necessarily think I have color rules, but there are definitely certain pieces in my closet that I will only wear with certain colors (and mentally/crazily won't budget from). Add that to my habit of buying pieces with pattern and you sometimes get a great big ole hot fashion mess.

C said...

great use of blue. i like that the colors compliment each other but not necessarily are the same shade.

Clare said...

I LOVE the non-matchy matchiness! Great colors for you!

(and the new header looks great!)

Andee Layne said...

great wedges!! love the color ! xo