Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Staple Refashioned

I have had a love hate relationship with shorts my entire life. I love the concept behind shorts, Pant-like material that will allow your legs to feel free. I hate the makers of shorts. Unfortunately, after Jessica Simpson gave an amazing performance in Dukes of Hazard, we seem to be unable to slip away from teeny-tiny denim pieces. When I worked in retail we offered 5', 7' and 9' shorts. What?? 5' of fabric is supposed to cover this big ol' behind? Not a chance. Not to mention that whenever I can find shorts that cover my goods, I am left with the worst denim camel toe, resulting in my inability to sit. ( Too much information?) Sure, shorts are great for a walk through an amusement park, but don't expect to see me actually sitting on any of those rides. While doing some cleaning the other day, I found in the top reaches of my closet, two pairs of 'painting' pants. These were not always painting paints but after an afternoon helping friends move, I find myself with these pairs covered in paint, primer and tares. I've kept them for my next afternoon volunteering, but after two years of them sitting on my shelf, I decided it was time for a simple refashion. These well worn jeans will enjoy a summer as a much shorter version of themselves. These steps are so easy to follow, and I recommend everyone take a look through your older jeans. What a great way to increase your summer wardrobe without hurting your winter one! If you didn't wear them all winter, you mind as well enjoy them in the summer!

Step 1: I started by putting the jeans on, and marking with a sharpie where I wanted the shorts to hit. In this case I found where I wanted my shorts to be, than made the mark about 1 inch lower so I could fold the ends.

Step 2: After the mark had been made, I took the pants off and laid them flat on the ground. A simple cut across the line you had marked and you are left with at least one leg of your new shorts.

Step 3: To make sure that I liked the length, I put the pants back.

Step 4: To make sure that the second leg is as accurate as the first, I decided to use my left over leg as a template. Lay the cut off leg on top of the still attached leg, and cut right across the line you've created.
Step 5: Because denim is a stronger fabric, I wasn't worried about a need to hem. I decided to roll up the bottoms of both of my new shorts to make them a bit higher, and to help keep the exposed edge hidden from the elements. If you want to make your ends a bit more frayed, take a hairbrush and brush down your shorts at the ends. this will help to expose some of the threads and give your shorts a rougher look.
Enjoy your new Summer Shorts!

Short #1

Shorts: DIY from Weathervane Jeans from 2004
Aloha T-Shirt: Gifted from Johnny's Parents
Necklace: Christmas Gift from Johnny's Aunt
Gray Belt: Came with another Dress
Shoes: Payless $10

Shorts #2

Shorts: DIY From Weathervane Jeans from 2003
White Tank Top: Weathervane 2004 (?) $6
Blue Cardigan: Charlotte Russe $3.50
Yellow Wedges: The Sadie Hawkins Dance


Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

great upcycling.

Loving Chiaradeanna said...

Great idea!
I really like your cardi and the wedges are beautiful! You look amazing!
Kisses from Italy ;)
Loving Chiaradeanna