Thursday, June 24, 2010

Complicated Shoe: The Gym Short Shoes

There once was a girl, on the hunt for the perfect statement shoe. She searched web page, after web page and store after store. This girl needed not just a great shoe, but also a great deal as well. After months of searching, what did her little eyes find? A great pair of brown heels, and a mesh top half on the shoe shelf at Forever 21. She loved the shoes immediately, but didn't love their price. The girl had spent so much time searching, what was a few more weeks? She placed the shoes back on the shelf and went on her merry way. She never forgot those shoes however, often stopping by the store to visit, and to give their price tag another quick check. After about 6 weeks of proper Shoe Stalking, the girl arrived for her weekly visit, to discover that the price tag had been defaced by magical red marks. The shoes were on sale. The girl had resisted trying them on so many weeks before for fear of falling even further in love with the shoes and convincing herself to ignore the price. Now with the price lowered, and the right size still available the girl slipped on the shoes and danced around the store. Soon the girl and these shoes were dancing around her apartment, doing the dishes together, vacuuming together and spending quality time catching up on the Real Housewives. The girl however could not figure out how to wear her new beauties. What if she didn't do them justice? What if they weren't given the proper outfit to stand out with? Through all of these excuses, the lovely shoes sat on their shelf in the girls house, waiting for their big debut. A few months later, the girl decided it was now or never. These shoes had to be worn. She carefully put together an entire outfit focused around the shoes, choosing similar colors for a top, and a skirt that would show off the mesh top of the shoes. The shoes didn't sleep the entire night before their big trip, nervous about their first experience out in the world. The girl awoke early the next morning, and quickly zipped up her shoes. Now was the time.

Eight hours later, the girl arrived home from work with a frown on her face. Not only had these shoes disappointed her, but they had done damage. Too tight sides left the girl with deep indents on both feet. She got one compliment through-out the day, but that was not enough to help her forget about the pain her feet felt. Her right toes fell asleep from being squished all day, and she found walking from her desk to the copier traumatic after just an hour of being worn. It seems her beloved shoes were better made for a girl with skinnier feet, who wouldn't be doing any walking. The shoes were promptly put into the donation bag, never to be worn again. Not all frogs become a Prince, but you still have to kiss all of the frogs you come across, just to be sure.

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