Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Seasonal Need

The season is once again upon us! I don't mean Spring of course, although it's been nice to have that season back as well. I mean the season of Weddings, Showers, Family Reunions, and Graduations. I do love a reason to get dressed, but face book has made it awfully hard to repeat outfits for many fancy events. Especially the events that involve the same group of friends each year. My local Forever 21 just expanded to a larger store, and I'm excited to stop by and see all of the inventory I can now purchase in store. I hope to search through their dress selection, and find a few options to add to my formal dress options.
One Shoulder Lace Dress $24.80
Pink Sweetheart 'Forever Yours' Dress $22.80

Shirred Blue Dress $22.80
Do you have a go-to formal event dress or Do you tend to shop for each event?

1 comment:

noemia said...

I like the blue one! I t hink it would match with almost everything! perfect!