Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Despite the fact that I take about 40 pictures for every outfit I photograph, I seemed to have recently forgotten how to smile. I really am a pleasant person to be around, but that scowl will lead you to believe otherwise. I decided to start remembering to smile. Here I am smiling, proving how much I love having the sun stay out so late, I love house hunting and dreaming with Johnny, and I love wearing monochromatic looks my way, with other colors thrown in.
These Shoes always make me feel like a feisty secretary. I'm not a secretary, but I am pretty feisty. Maybe it's the snake print, maybe it's the peek you get of my arch, or maybe it's the $10 price tag I scored when I got these new at the Goodwill. This outfit made me feel like a smiley, feisty secretary. Clearly.
Black Long Sleeve Shirt: Maurices $6
Pink Tank Top: Weathervane $6
Dark Gray Wool Pants: Banana Republic via the Goodwill $4
Magenta Belt: Salvation Army $1
Pearl Necklace: Maurcies $5
Heels: Target new via Goodwill $10


Work With What You've Got said...

The proportions of that look are really great on you!~ You look a millionty miles tall and thin and amazingcakes!

ShyGirl said...

I love this silhouette! And I can't get enough of those shoes!

Kyla said...

This looks awesome! the shape and relaxed fit is amazing!

Kayla said...

Thanks so much ladies :) I'm glad you like the proportions Kyla, everytime I wear these pants I think of you. You have an amazing collection of loose work pants, and I cuffed them originally after reading your blog!