Friday, April 16, 2010


I would never describe my aesthetic as carefree, hippy, or earthy. Flowy however, flowy I can do. When I saw this top hanging on a clearance rack at Walmart for $3, I hesitated. When would I ever wear a Hippy cream toned, earthy shirt. I could use some flowing breeze in my life however, and this shirt seemed like it could do the trick. You know how they say Don't Judge a Book by it's cover? They meant that for me. And what they really meant was, Don't Judge a shirt by how it hangs on a Rack. I learn this lesson over and over again, and yet I still doubt the powers of a shirt on a person.
These shoes fall into the same category. I hated these on the Rack, new with tags at my local Goodwill. I love Issac Mizarahi, but I don't love gold. Not to mention the tips get narrower, and the fringe is overkill. I purchased these anyways and they almost never left my feet last summer. Not only do they work effortlessly with my wardrobe, but they are comfortable. Perfect for my casual work environment where I sometimes need to show that I can be business like at the same time. Mr. Mizarahi, you win again.

And Book/ Clothes on Rack...I won't judge you anymore on first impression alone. No actually I will probably still judge you, but I promise to do my best to give you a chance even still.
Flowy Hippy Top: Walmart $3
Skinny Jeans: Pacsun $20
Flats: Issac Mizarahi for Target new via Goodwill $5


Work With What You've Got said...

Girl, I have those shoes in yellow and I wore them into the ground so hard they aren't nice anymore. It kills me. They are so wonderful!

And I love that top, it looks great on you.

☮ midnightintern ☮ said...

The shoes a gorgeous! But maybe I just love them so much after having seen them on you.

Also, we don't have Walmart in Australia! I'm heading over to the USA in July and without trivialising how great a country it is, I'd definitely say I'm most excited to see Macy's, Goodwill and Walmart (don't judge! We just hear so much about them on blogs and us Aussies feel so out of the loop!)

Love your work xo

Margaret said...

love your photos
great blog too
stop by some time :) xx


My theory... If it looks gross on the hanger or rack, try it on anyway. It usually looks great on!
It works for me! said...

that top is so pretty! $3!!! Now THAT rocks!