Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fashion

Friday Fashion

I'm excited to announce that I'm joining Katy at ModlyChic for a Friday Feature each week. Each Thursday she will be sending out some Fashion Related question, and on Friday I along with many other bloggers will be posting the answers to our questions. You can always check her blog for the full list of bloggers participating, and I hope to feature a few of those lovely ladies here. What a great way to get different perspectives from our community of Fashion Friends! I'm also excited to see how everyone feels about the changing trends. For the first Fashion Friday, the questions are all related to Spring.

1. What is your favorite trend this Spring?
Neutrals and Lace. Neutrals have been seen everywhere for a while now, but they have become a bit more prominent lately. For Spring, a big trend is pairing neutrals with neutrals. To know me is to know that I love color. I find that adding a great color is a simple way to add a bit of interest to an otherwise basic look. I look forward to working more neutrals into my wardrobe, and embracing a pale color pallet into my closet. Working those neutrals in with the funky pops of color I already have will be a great way to make the trend last all year. Let's not also forget the Nautical look. Who couldn't use more strips in their closet?

2. What makeup item/clothing item are you excited to pull out of storage and use again this spring?
I would describe my current style as Subtle Femininity. I love looking dainty and conservative and find that lady like items fit my body bests. I embraced fitted skirts for the winter, but now I"m most excited to get out all of my A line Skirts this spring. There is something about the warm breeze of spring that makes you feel alive again. I can't wait to feel the swirl of the wind inbetween my legs while my A line skirts blows around me in the breeze.

3. What's your favorite part about this time of year?
The feeling of re-birth. Something about Spring makes me want to purge from my closet and house, invest in amazing whimsical pieces and enjoy life without layers. Oh, and the warm breeze in between my legs.

4. What trend will you not be rocking?
The Military Edgy look has been in for awhile, and slashed clothing seems to have joined the look. I love the look in general, but it is just not a trend that fits my personal style. Olive Green, Slashed Shirts and Heavy Boots. These items can be worn amazingly on my Marine Sister, but my June Cleaver attitude for life makes those items seem out of place on me.

5. If you could be any flower, what would it be and why?
When we were little girls, after dinner during the summers at our Lake House we would often go for walks with my Mother and my Great Grandmother. My Great Grandmother( we called her Da) had an amazing ability to find little yellow ' Buttercup Flowers' all along the sides of the road. She would aways pick a few for each of us, and hold them under our chins. If you can see a yellow reflection on your skin, she used to say, than you like Peanut Butter. If there was no reflection, than pull another flower until you finally get the yellow glow. Even when we were older my sisters and I would scower the backyard for little yellow weeds to check under our chins, but we almost never saw that yellow glow that our sweet Da always had. I would love to be a lovely Buttercup Flower. Growing on the sides of roads, in parks, and under the swing sets of backyards, ready to be picked by little girls around the world. A pretty little flower sending a wonderful message of family memories in the making.

I would love to hear your answers on these same questions, pick one, two or all of the above questions and answer them in the comments! What a wonderful way to start the weekend. Happy Fashion Friday!!

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KT said...

Kayla - Thanks for participating. I'm loving the neutrals too, but I'm such a color and black girl, that I'm going to have a hard time with adding neutrals to my wardrobe.