Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Found Fashion

When I saw these shoes on Clearance a few weeks ago, I was at first a little puzzled. I slipped them on just to see, and shortly there after was in love. I just loved the funky detailing. I was waiting for the perfect weather to debut them, and when the time came I found myself slightly unsure of just how to show them off.
I had originally planned on wearing a Blue shirt, thinking that the opposite colors who help the shoes really shine. When I woke up before work I reached into my tank top drawer, to pull out the necessary undershirt. When I did this however, this brown short sleeve shirt fell to the ground. Apparently when I re-organized my tank tops last fall, this snuck it's way in and nestled into a corner only to be discovered on this bright Spring Morning. The perfect bright Spring Morning for a Brown T-Shirt. I quickly switch my plans and brown became the tone of the outfit, and an even better pallet to show off these maroon wedges. Is there anything better than finding fashions?

Brown Shirt: Once was old, now almost like New again: Target $4
Cream Cardigan: old
Jeans: Seven, new via Marshalls $20
Wedges: Charlotte Russe $6
Necklace: Forever 21 $4.50

1 comment:

Meli22 said...

I am in love with your cardigan and your shoes. I think the brown shirt pulls out the detail in the cardigan really well, very pretty!