Friday, April 23, 2010

Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday
Today's questions were all about Inspiration. Be sure and check out ModlyChic to see everyone else's answers as well!
1. What celebrities do you look to for Fashion Inspiration?
This is a difficult question for me, because my answer is constantly changing. Here is an abbreviated list of some of the celebrities, and characters that have my attention:
All of the characters of Sex and the City, all the time
Audrey Hepburn
Rachel McAdams- The Notebook
Leighton Meister- Gossip Girl
Rachel Zoe- for her advice. I purchased her book years ago and still use some of her amazing tips
2. When it comes to your own personal style, what inspires you?
I draw inspiration from televisions and movies, magazines, music,mostly anything that can happen in your everyday life can become a source of inspiration. When I wake up each morning though, my biggest inspiration is my gut. My inner feeling. I try to pull some outfits together to have ready in my closet for the days I'm running late, but most mornings I face me closet and literally think, " What do I feel like wearing today". On days when I know I have back to back meetings, I may decide to add a serious pair of heels to give me a little boost of confidence. On mornings when it's rainy and gray, I may add my most colorful accessories. Choosing fashion to me is going with what feels right.
3. How do you hope to inspire your readers with your posts?
When I first started this blog, I only did so because I needed an easier way to organize all of the fashion blogs that I was following. I have always tried to play around with my personal fashions and decided that since I technically already had a blog, I should at least utilize it as a way to document my great deals, and to show off some of my favorite items. About 9 months after starting my blog, it started to take on a completely new vibe. It was becoming less of a personal diary, and more of an open display. I do not work in the fashion industry, I do not live in the heard of a big city, I do not have a photographer boyfriend, and I do not rendezvous as a model after dark. None of those things matter however, when it comes to getting dressed each morning. I hope my readers see that every woman has the opportunity to discover their personal style, find amazing deals and leave the house every morning feeling ready to face the world.
4. Outside the fashion and beauty realm, who inspired you the most?
The strong women in my life. I know that it sounds like cliche answer, but it's the truth. My mother has been a strong influence in every part of my life. Growing up, I remember watching her put on her eyeliner before leaving the house, ( the one item of makeup I am almost never without) and saving her special heels for nights out with my father. My mother has always carried herself with a sense of elegance, even when she was getting dirty with us girls. Not only is my mother the most graceful in all of her activities, but she is humble. She is never one to brag or boast, and sometimes I think the last person she thinks of is herself. She taught my sisters and I the power of being strong woman, and knowing who you are. I have a sister who prefers Jeans, T-Shirts and Sneakers, and a sister who won't wear if it is doesn't sparkle. We are each so different in style, but we are comfortable in who we are, and know what style we prefer. A few months ago, we came across a picture of my grandmother from her graduation. My grandmother stands just as a lady should, and yet there is a little glimmer in her eyes that screams feisty. This picture remains framed in my apartment, and each day I am reminded to carry myself as she did, with a sense of pride. For me it's not always clothes that are inspirational, but the women who wear them. My Grandmother, Mother, and Sisters serve not only as my inspirations but also as my influences.

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