Friday, April 23, 2010

Inexpensive Band-aid

Every so often, some trend seems to seep into my being, and I suddenly become consumed with wanted to fill the hole left without this item stored safely in my closet. Last summer, Yacht shoes seemed to be the answer to my prayers and I filled my closet with 5 different pairs. Stripped Shirts seemed to calm the itching sensation in my brain for a few months and I stocked up on all of the different sizes and colors that I could get my hands on. It's not a great addiction, if you will, but I don't think I'm alone in my obsession. I don't mind that retail therapy works well for me, but my wallet often stands against me in protest. When I started to see little detailed necklaces joining the scene a few weeks ago, I quickly jumped on the bandwagon. Such adorable dainty little pieces can make such an addition to an outfit. I kept my eyes open and purchased an owl necklace, and an amazing blue fish, a small pair of glasses hanging off a longer chain, and some detailed little hearts. Even with these new additions I still didn't feel like I'd had enough. Granted, each of these items cost me $4.50 a piece at most, but with my shopping carts filled with piles of necklaces on every retail site, I knew that soon $4.50 would add up to a much higher total.

While wondering through Micheal's, our local craft store the other day I stumbled upon some darling little charms and immediately felt the light bulb go off in my head. Why didn't I think of this earlier!! I have plenty of chains, most that came with little charms, which could easily be removed. Micheal's had a full display of so many little charms, all for $1.99 a piece. What a great way to instantly infuse my closet with dainty little sweet accessories, without breaking the bank!
I sorted through the rack for quite some time, and decided to go with the Elephant, High Heel, Anchor and 'K'. They also had a little teapot, small lions, and so many more that I decided to walk away without. These charms seem so small in their package, but added to the chain and hanging off my neck they seem to speak volumes. You will never be too old for necklaces, and you can never grow out of a charm. What a great solution to what could have been an expensive, although sweet little trend.

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Runaway Gallery said...

I really like that little elephant. This is actually a really great idea!