Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet the Collection

Meet the Collection: The Victorian

Steve Madden
Christmas Gift from Johnny 2006

I'd like to say that these shoes changed my life. Our first Christmas together Johnny and I decided that we would instead of exchanging gifts, we would each exchange a trip. We each planned a trip that we could take together, and while we were allowed to include some small gifts to open, the big gift was the trip. I planned a Horseback riding weekend for us, and included lots of little horse related items for him to open before he got to the big gift announcement. Johnny surprised me with a Sex and the City Tour and included lots of fashionable items for me to open. These shoes were one of those gifts. While these were a little bit nicer than the plastic horse I had given him, you won't catch me complaining. These shoes are perfect. If I'm being honest I must tell you that these even scared me at first. They are so wonderful, and comfortable. Not to mention they draw attention everywhere I go. These shoes bring me back to my afternoons as a pre-teen sitting on my couch watching The Little Women. Between that movie and my obsession with the American Girl Samantha, I know that in a past life I was a well dressed lady during the Civil War era. These shoes fit like a glove, further proof that I belong to these shoes. Well now, technically they belong to me.

Meet the Collection: The Tim Burton

Fioni Brand
Purchased at Payless Spring 2005

Years ago, before my Shoe Collection really took off, I found myself wandering through the aisles at a local Payless, killing time before my next shift. What I didn't know at that time was my shopping life as I know it was about to change. I spotted these lonely shoes sitting at the bottom shelf. At first I was unsure about them. They are a bit off the wall. Most people probably won't understand them. Despite all of my trepidations, I couldn't put these shoes back on the shelf. I adore the polka dots, slowly transitioning to a white canvas. With a $5 price tag I couldn't resist and took these home, only to sit on my shelf unloved for many months. At first I wasn't sure what exactly to do with these shoes. I figured it out soon enough. These shoes made me feel special. Ready to step onto the big screen in an amazing film featuring tons of colors, and interesting patterns. A Tim Burton fantasy if you will. These shoes make me feel like a rich girl wandering through the streets in a Sweeney Todd song, or strolling through the grass in Alice's Wonderland. Mostly these shoes make the perfect companion for any lady-like affair. Baptism's, Brunch, Church, these shoes always fit the bill. They aren't quiet, but they are subtle. The perfect kind of wonderland subtle.

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