Monday, March 29, 2010

A Little to the Left...

Johnny and I don't head downtown very often, but whenever our friend's cover band has a show, we get all dressed up and get ready for a late night with the college kids. I am a sucker for cover bands, and I have a particular soft spot in my heart for Moxie. Maybe it's their great song choices, maybe it's fact that the drummer is such a good friend, maybe it's just that they have amazing stage presence. Whatever it is, we just can't help but to keep coming back for more. When we found out that they had a show last weekend, we both got off the couch and out of our pajama's earlier than needed, and found ourselves dressed and ready with lots of time still to kill. I convinced Johnny to take some of my photos, give me some tips and help my capture my concert ready outfit.
When I scooped this vest up for $3 from Kmart, I didn't actually have a plan for it. I loved the gray color, but wasn't sure what hole this item would fill in my wardrobe. When deciding what to wear for a night of singing and dancing, the hole became apparent. This would be the perfect cover-up. See under this fancy vest is a plain blue t-shirt, and under that a plain black tank top. My jeans, plain and my gray flats, extra plain. This vest kind of spiced things up once I put it over my otherwise simple outfit. I was comfortable, but I was stylish enough to get into the bar. Finding items that will help me pull of being comfortable, is a hole I'm always looking to fill.
We had more time than we realized, and soon it became not only a Kayla photo session, but a Johnny one as well. He couldn't help himself but to mimic the 'Broken Down Doll', the 'Lost little girl', and the world famous, 'stare off into the distance'. This kid can strike a pose. I'm lucky I found him before a modeling agency had or he would have been swept off to a world full of skinny models, guy-liner and tiny bathing suits. Lucky, Lucky thing.

Gray Vest: Kmart $3
Blue Shirt: Ann Taylor new via Goodwill $3.50
Black Tank Top: Weathervane $6
Jeans: Seven new via Marshalls $20
Gray Flats: Charlotte Russe $ 12
Necklace: won via giveaway from ByHillary