Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Welcome back! Well that's actual a welcome back to me, and not so much you, as I'm sure many of you amazing readers have been wondering, ' What's with the unexplained absence?' Without getting into to much detail, I work in the Meat Industry, and one of those Meats we deal with is Corned Beef. The end of February and leading up into Saint Patrick's Day is our busiest time of year and after working 10-12 hours of exhausting, stressful activities each day, I had little time to do much else than shower and sleep. With the season kicking into full gear a few weeks ago, I put most of my heels back on the shelf and pulled out my flats. I also brought out all of my trusty denim and rotated through a simple uniform of jeans, flats, shirt and cardigan. The pairing was simple, and sometimes a little too basic for even more taste. In the heart of battle however all one can do is plant their feet firmly to the ground and be prepared for the worst. I liked to think that the flats helped me be prepared, and the cardigans helped me feel a little like the best dressed solider.
I spotted these heels at Payless last fall. I walked right by them on a few different trips before giving them a second glance. Open toe booties? No Thank You. This is New York after all, and we aren't exactly known for a toe friendly weather November-April. After seeing Jessica in her version so many times, I finally caved. They did seem to work with everything. At half off these heels were a great find for my wallet. What I didn't expect was how much use I would get out of them! The peep toe is small enough that I can easily wear these with some black socks, and no-one is the wiser! The heel is the perfect height, adding a bit of length and keeping me comfortable all day as I wonder from ringing phone, to fax machine, down the street for a soda and back again. When these shoes have a turn in the Collection Spotlight, I think I'll call them my 'imaginering' shoe. With such versatility these shoes can take me anywhere I dream.
** I admit it. I was in my socks in these pictures. But it was raining out, and they were to wet to be brought in the house. ( Your Welcome Nancy :) ) I promise those are the heels I wore through-out the day.

Black Ruffle Shirt: Walmart $3
Coral Cardigan: Goodwill $4
Jeans: Seven via Marshall's $20
Black Socks: Walmart pack of 6 $4
Skinny Black Belt: Goodwill $2
Imaginering Shoes: Payless $12
Headband: further proof that I need a haircut

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ShyGirl said...

I love this look! Everything goes together wonderfully! And those shoes? Amazing!