Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making Blair Proud

I am a late comer to the Gossip Girl craze. I tend to reject anything society fawns after, except for celebrities. (I love E news and anything you can read while waiting in line at the Grocery Store.) I refused to read Harry Potter until I couldn't stand the pressure anymore. At the age of 13 I checked the first book out of the library and promptly spent the next 8 years pre-ordering each edition so I could receive my copy on the day the book was released. When Twilight became huge, I plugged my ears anyone would try to convince me of how amazing these books were. After my sister received the movie for Easter last year, I went the next day to buy the book, and with-in a month had finished all 4 books and had the t-shirt to prove my devotion for Edward. I don't think it's my need to fight the norm, but I just can't justify that someone isn't just pumping something into our water. If everyone loves the same thing, it can't just be because that thing is amazing, it must be because everyone has been fooled. Every time I am proven wrong. I adore Harry Potter, Twilight made me swoon and here I am, late to join the party but announcing that Gossip Girl excites me. At first I just figured I was too far behind on the show to start watching, than finally I decided that after seeing so many images of the outfits it would be worth the watch just to see the wardrobe. I didn't expect that the story line would have my captured even more than the shoes, but it has. First it was Harry, than Edward and now Blair.

Wearing these shoes, just made me feel very Blair Waldorf. I don't know if it is the throw-back feel that these shoes have, or maybe it's the tan color with the brown tights. Whatever the reason, this outfit made me smile all day, and feel ready enough to be cast as an extra. What's ironic is that I've almost given these shoes away on a few different occasions. I first picked these up at the Goodwill for $4. They were just a great Mary Jane, but in brown, a color I almost never choose for my footwear. Even still I couldn't resist the price tag and I added these shoes to my cart. Sitting in my closet these shoes don't look so attractive, and just when I'm on the verge of throwing them into my donation bag, I put them on for one last try and remember how much I love these shoes. They make me feel dainty and pretty, and perfectly posed. I don't even have to mention that these shoes are comfortable. With the feeling of Blair seeping out of my pores on these shoes last wear, I may never be able to part with these now. Dressing like Blair isn't a clothing choice, but an attitude adjustment. These shoes may not have made me snarky, but they did make me spicy. The perfect amount of Blair Spice.
Gray Short-Sleeve Mock Turtle neck: H&M outlet $6
Coral Stripped Shirt: Old Navy $4
Brown Skirt: Old Navy $4
Brown Tights: Kohls $4
Shoes: Goodwill $4
Necklace: Claire's $1

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