Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Varsity Jacket

My go-to item lately has been anything denim. There is just something to be said for a great pair of jeans when your fighting the cold winds. I decided to break out and throw on a skirt, and didn't realize until after leaving the house that a denim skirt doesn't ex actually count as a step away from jeans. A girl knows what a girl likes. This sweater is one of those things I like. During my great sweater adventure of 2010 ( read- Goodwill had an amazing sale) I scored a bunch of sweaters for under $3 each. Until I get to the register of course and the sale associate announces that this sweater doesn't qualify. This was a brand new Merona sweater courtesy of Target and complete with tags and extra buttons. I decided that I was getting such a good deal on the rest of my sweaters, that what's an extra $6? The truth of the matter is I couldn't part with the amazing 50's feel of this sweater. I just want to wear it with my poodle skirt and saddle shoes, and maybe stitch my schools letter on it, or complete it with a pin from my favorite band. For sake of making it to costume, I'll leave the letter and pins to my imagination, but a girl can't help but to dream.
This was another one of those amazing finds I just couldn't part with. Of course I found it at Forever 21, which doesn't make it an amazing find, and instead a great purchase, but to each his own. I've been on the hunt for an owl necklace for months now. I just keep seeing these darling creatures on jewelery being worn by so many fashion bloggers, and I can't escape how quaint the little bird feels. This necklace was a great $7 purchase, and will sure to be added to my jewelery that is in constant rotation.

Sweater: Merona by Target new via Goodwill $6
Black Long Sleeve Shirt: Maurices $6
Denim Skirt: Old very very old
Zebra Leggings: Kohl's $7
Boots: Target $35
Owl Necklace : Forever 21 $7

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