Monday, February 22, 2010

Business Suit

My work place is casual, which means business casual is often times over-dressed. I do own the necessity black pants, and I have a great pair of brown trousers as well, but these are my real business pants. I bought these for $10 at H&M before I had the job I have now, in a moment of terror that I may get a job that requires business attire. In my mind I envisioned the 'showed up to work naked' nightmare, in all of it's potential reality. I should have bought the matching pair of these pants with blue piping, but at the time I wasn't sure where I would even wear these. I adore theses brown pants with their tan and pink plaid pattern, and they magically seem to match with everything in my closet.
I can't take credit, as I stole this little idea from the ladies over at academichic awhile ago, but this if my first attempt at the concept. I love brooches, but am not a fan of how they can often over-take a whole look. So, fake a brooch! Here I took earrings from my jewelry box ( these happen to be my partner-less earrings) and have slipped them right through the holes in my sweater, and clipped them just as if they were holes in my ear. I love how dainty this look is, and how subtle it appears in the big picture of the outfit. This is such an easy look to achieve, and it is a great answer to all of my missing earrings! I have such a hard time parting with my lonely earrings. After folding laundry, I take all of the half-pairs and throw the loose socks out with such authority, but when it comes to earrings I simply stash the loose one in a little drawer in hopes that one day I'll find it's match. The idea I understand is silly. Finding a big sock is more likely than finding a little earring, but my heart breaks a little at the idea of these little earrings being left out in the big scary world alone. Now these left-over pieces have a purpose again! I've turned my little collection into all sort of brooches, and with it have helped to add just the slightest hint of accessory to an outfit.

Yellow Cardigan: Urban Behavior $2
Maroon Sweater: Target new via Goodwill $2
Pants: H&M $10
Shoes: Payless $7
Earring/ Brooch: Purchased through-out the years, always as a set. Now as sad little lonely pieces.


Pamela said...

I am loving the color combos. The little fake a broach thing is a nice touch!

PS, I left a little something happy for you at my blog! Check it out!

Kyla said...

Those pants look great on you and I love the colors with them. Great choices!

GingerSnap said...

These brown pants are darling! I have a similar pair and I wear mine to work all the time! They are really easy to dress up or down and they are less harsh than the typical black business trouser! :)