Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Must Have Tuesday

It took me a bit to get back on my game this week, but the honest truth is there are things I Must Have every day, so why reserve them just for Monday's? As a child I owned the most amazing pair of Saddle Shoes. I adored their White and Black patent leather finish, and would imagine that these would be the shoes I would be wearing when I would become famous. Of course those shoes quickly went out of style, and as I continued to grow, my feet continued to get larger. Saddle Shoes just have an out of place feeling on an adolescent. Despite my adult size, I couldn't help but feel like with a perfect pair of Saddle Shoes, I could take over the world. Flash forward 10 years. My collection of heels in impressive, but it's my collection of flats that is almost un-rivaled. I don't necessarily mean that I have a lot of flat shoes, as much as I have quite the variety and they all see a lot of time outside of the closet walls. There is just nothing as great as a fresh pair of socks and a warm pair of shoes. They make the daily walk back and forth from the fax machine more reasonable, they make the waltz through the parking lot to the car enjoyable, and they make the un-planned stop at the grocery store less irritating. Flat shoes does not have to mean unattractive shoes, and thus my collection is filled with ruffles, and bow and lace. Even still, I've not yet found my Saddle Shoe equivalent, until possibly now.

I bring you.. the Oxford Shoe.

Sure, this style has been featured in tons of magazines, and is plastered all over some of today's biggest celebrities, but I must have been napping during E News, or not wearing my glasses properly each time I flipped through the pages. I'm a bit behind, but just as in love as so many of the Oxford Shoe fans.

So you mean I can wear flat shoes, that will be comfortable like sneakers, but won't look like sneakers? Plus the tops of my feet won't get cold in the snow and gale force winds? And I can wear socks?? Count me in!

Of course I would probably start with a simple black pair, but who doesn't love these amazing Glitter Oxford's courtesy of Forever 21? Sure they scream Micheal Jackson a bit too loud, but Johnny would like knowing that if he ever looses me in a bar, he could simply drop to the ground and search for the shimmer. That's where you'll find me, on the other side of these sparkling beauties. They retail at Forever21.com for $24.99.
Um.. excuse me. Can I have a moment alone here? I need a second to compose myself....
Why you ask? Because I am in love with a pair of shoes and this moment should not be shared with others. Of course, who can blame me? These shoes are the answer to my prayers! The adult version of my dream shoes. A great pair of cuffed jeans and a t-shirt and black blazer and I'd be the best dressed kid in class again. Or the most stylish at the fax machine, but they really are the same now aren't they. Steve Madden. You've done it again, and I applaud your work. These shoes are available on Amazon.com for $55.99.

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Kyla said...

I scored the black and white ones at Ross for only $17! I wore them today - they're amazing!