Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sun Struck

We seem to be caught in that amazing part of the year where the sun remembers how to shine again. For so many months we live in a gray haze, and now as the sun starts to peak out from behind the clouds, it is a welcome reminder that life will soon come back in color. Well not too soon. This is also that special time of year where the sun shines bright, but with piles of white still sitting on the sides of all roads the reflection can be blinding. I remember my mother explaining to me once as a child that sunglasses are necessary for year-round because sometimes the sun and snow together can shine extra bright in your eyes. She was right. Aren't mom's always?
To help add some interest to an otherwise pretty simple outfit, I added a scarf and a belt. The scarf was simply tied at my back, and the belt was placed over it. A very simple addition for a pretty big change. I loved how this scarf added an extra hint of spring, a season still weeks away for those of us up north. Every little reminder is a welcome relief this time of year.

Long Sleeve Black Shirt: Maurices $6
Pink Cardigan: old
Scarf: Charlotte Russe $4
Black Belt: Goodwill $2.50
Jeans: Seven via Goodwill $20
Booties: Payless $20

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