Monday, February 01, 2010

Must Have Monday

While shopping for a New Years dress weeks ago, I found myself staring at this exact poncho at Forever 21. I had swore for years that I would never wear a poncho, and after watching Ugly Betty was convinced that this look was doomed to never return again. Yet here I am, amidst the Holiday sale rush staring at an amazing red plaid poncho. This would-be sweater screamed warmth, and cozy. It also screamed, try me with a belt! Instead I quieted the voices and put the poncho back and wandered back to the dresses. My mother un-wrapped this exact item on Christmas Morning and instant jealously struck my heart. But we shouldn't want to wear what our mothers are wearing right?
Wrong. This poncho has haunted my dreams ever since I put it back on the rack. Many a weekday as I'm sitting at my desk sorting through chaos I have been known to think, oh to close my eyes and snuggle up with that poncho right now would make this not so rough. Of course those are all ridiculous dreams, and a poncho would not solve my real life problem, in dream life however, this one item would save the day. Forever 21 currently has this item on sale for $7.99. Is now the time to make the purchase?

That same day as I strolled through the store, I stopped to stare at a mannequin. Call me ridiculous but I want to join the plaid leggings train and I'm willing to chase behind the caboose until the perfect opportunity to jump on-board comes. I've searched through Ebay to find a great pair of tights to no avail. I have no outfit plans for this pair, or do I have many ideas. What I do have though is a closet that just seems to scream, " We are missing a pair of plaid bottoms. Find us plaid leggings!". Who can say no to that request? Forever 21 also has this item on sale this week for $3.99.