Friday, January 29, 2010

Work Pajamas

By the end of the week my exhaustion was quickly becoming sickness and I woke up feeling foggy. My head just felt heavier and with no real symptoms to explain, I was left to face the world feeling a bit frazzled, and very sleepy. I was reluctant to take off my pajamas, better prepared to enjoy a day of watching Maury from the couch, than heading off to work. A simple outfit solution? Comfortable black work pants, a baggy shirt and a great jacket to make it all work.
While purchasing an amazing sweater at the Goodwill this week, the sales associate mentioned that she loved the color of the Raspberry sweater I had just purchased. So do I, I answered, and than quickly thought to my closet. I own a lot of this color, much more than the average person. These shoes included. I love the unclear category that a Raspberry color fits into, not pink, not purple and not red but a great combination of all.
Shirt: Old Navy $4
Jean Jacket: Rue 21 ages ago $5?
Black Pants: old
Flats: Payless $7