Monday, February 01, 2010

Evolution of an Outfit

Last Saturday was a busy day for Johnny and I. We had 3 very different places to be, and I had to find one outfit that could fit all of the stops. Johnny's best friend returned from a year in Afghanistan on Saturday, and we were heading to base to pick him up. Afterwords we headed to dinner with his family at a local restaurant. Directly following dinner and drinks we were headed to a bar downtown to enjoy one of the best cover bands in town. Warm enough for a cold afternoon in a military gymnasium? Dressy enough for dinner with family and friends? Casual enough, and not too warm to work while singing and dancing with a crowd at a bar? I would have preferred 2 different outfits to say the least, but in an effort to work with option I decided to layer, and thus evolve the outfit.

Because it was so cold out, I knew I needed to include a sweater somewhere in the look. This basic white sweater was light enough to work as a layer, but warm enough to keep me comfortable. I added a short-sleeve shirt underneath that I knew would help to add a little touch of color. Even with this first layer, I just didn't feel pulled together yet, so the layering continued.
With a bottom layer decided upon, I decided to work my options and keep building on the outfit. Originally I thought I would try brooches, but than decided that this whole look needed another dimension. Add a jacket perhaps? This short sleeve jacket was the perfect addition, helping to add interest and create an extra layer of warmth. Finishing touches? I simple necklace and a big bracelet. Oh and some make-up and blow dried hair, something you won't see in the first picture.

I knew I needed to wear something comfortable on my feet as we had hours to go before I would be arriving home. I decided on my peep toe booties, the most comfortable heels I own. I also added my beige socks to keep my feet from freezing while we walked from location to location. In a last minute decision I threw a pair of black flats in my car as well. As good choice. This look worked well from base to restaurant but after a few drinks and lots of dancing I was not feeling cold anymore. I took off the white sweater leaving my maroon short sleeve shirt with the jacket, and quickly switched my heels for some flats, keeping my feet happy and allowing me to dance threw 2 more sets. The key to a versatile outfit? Work with what you've got, have layers that can be easily removed or changed, and be prepared!
Jacket: Charlotte Russe $5
White Sweater: Urban Behavior $3
Maroon Shirt: Forever 21 $2.50
Jeans: Seven via Goodwill $20
Booties: Payless $20
Necklace: After Thoughts old $1
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe: $4.50

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