Monday, February 08, 2010

Diamond Toes

Johnny's best friend just got home from Afghanistan, and Saturday night we were headed to his welcome home party. It was held at the same place as his Going away party, a local bar. It's always a catch 22 for me, dressing up to go out. In this case, we were going out which made me want to look nice, but to a local bar which made me want to get away with a sweatshirt and sneakers. I compromised. Black sweater plus a belt makes for fun yet comfortable and some great booties kicks the outfit up a notch. I also thought that this night would be a great opportunity to debut my new coat. This amazing coat was purchased for $10 from the clearance rack at Charlotte Russe. It's too thin to be a winter coat, but it's perfect for one of those, no coat check I'll be wearing this all night, kind of nights.

I was so excited about the accessories with this outfit. My sweater was comfortable and simple, so I threw on a belt to add a little bit of excitement. I was hoping the pretty rose would distract people from the fact that I clearly hadn't gotten dressed up.

My sister is a Marine stationed in Japan. We just received her Christmas gifts last week, and for my mother, my sister and I she got us these adorable Marine Charms. I love how dainty this necklace is, and I love that it doesn't scream ' Military Family Member' which means I can represent subtly with almost all of my outfits.

I was also so excited to bring out my totally awesome booties. These were an amazing find at $15 and are made of the most comfortable material. I was able to wear them all night with little problem, and even did a whole lot of, " Jump, Jump Around" and " Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" dancing in these puppies. It wasn't until the next morning when I realized that after being stepped on by almost everyone at the bar, most of my little jewels had fallen off. Figures. $15 made for great material, but not so great construction. I've got big DIY plans to super glue on a bunch of new jewels, and keep these shoes tucked away for special occasions, that don't involve drunk people dancing. Consider this Lesson Learned.
Sweater: Weathervane $7
Coral Shirt: Walmart $3
Necklace: Christmas gift from Sister
Jeans: Seven via Goodwill $20
Booties: Wet Seal $15
Belt: Charlotte Russe $4
Coat: Charlotte Russe $10


ShyGirl said...

That coat was such a steal at $10!! So cute!

Work With What You've Got said...

Oh my goodness. I love those booties!~