Monday, February 08, 2010

Meet the Collection

Meet the Collection

Meet the Collection: The Rock Goddess
Fioni Brand
Purchased Payless Fall 2009

I absolutely adore these booties. I was headed to Payless for a different pair of purple shoes, but with their BOGO1/2 sale, I couldn't resist trying a few other pairs on as well. I loved these from the minute I slipped my pretty little feet in them, but than the age old shopping debate, ' But what would I wear them with?' I proceeded to walk up and down the aisles in these amazing purple shoes. In the end I decided that I had no idea what I would wear them with, but I would regret it if I didn't take these home immediately. Great shoe decision. These shoes make me feel like an instant Rock Goddess. They are the perfect shade of plum purple, and add the perfect height to any pair of jeans. These booties make me want to tease my hair and use a full can of hairspray. These booties are the best night out on the town option.

Meet the Collection: The Chill Pill
Steve Madden
Purchased via Goodwill Spring 2009

With my work being so random some days, I'm always on the search for a great pair of flats. I had immediate mixed feelings about this pair when I first saw them on the shelf of my local Goodwill. Their little heel, is strangely odd and they point up in the front giving them the side appearance of what I would imagine elf shoes resemble. Well, an elf's summer shoe option anyways. Even with my reservations I couldn't doubt the adorable knotted fronts and the great color. These have become my go-to neutral option. These shoes are perfect for when I just don't want my shoes to stand out. Sometimes I'll have the perfect bright summer shirt and awesome accessories, and I just need a go to that doesn't scream 'look at me!' These shoes appear as though they have been through the war complete with scuffed tops and a ripped apart heel. I think it adds to their appeal, plus I doubt anyone notices what the bottom of my shoes look like. These shoes instantly make me feel church appropriate. Dainty and Polite. Sometimes adding a shoe that will calm you down is a necessity. These shoes are my Chill Pill.

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Can I have both in a 7 1/2? thankyoubye ;)