Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Must Have Monday

Must Have Monday- A day late and a Dollar short. Well technically $40 dollars short.
I spotted these heels on some website yesterday and quickly had to remind myself to keep breathing. What a dainty little heel, sure to be comfortable for a long day, and bows, oh such cute little bows!

It wasn't until I conducted a little more research that I discovered that these darling shoes are from the Olsenboye collection, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's new fashion line for JCPenny's. To be honest I wasn't even aware that they had a new affordable line out, but I was excited but the reviews I read. Apparently their new line has only just debuted and can be found on the JC Penny website as well as in stores. I must admit I was a little surprise that I had no prior knowledge of this collection. While I may not always understand their outfit choices these days, I have been an Olsen twin fan from day one. We are very close in age so I watched all of the DVD's, and loved any detective mystery they could solve. I saw every episode, and re-run of It Takes Two and dutifully headed right to the salon after Passport to Paris came out to request my hair gets cut just like there's. I'm admired them for years and their last few years into fashion has been no exception for me.

These amazing shoes are not only a member of their line-up, but are also on sale for $39.99 at www.jcpenny.com. These are the "Madeline" shoe, but I urge you to check out all of the styles they have. I decided to swing by my local store last night to see these babies in person, and their photo is almost exact to the actual shoe. My store also had them on an additional sale for $35.99, even still though I politely put the back. And than I wiped my drool from the shelf they were displayed on. Beautiful.

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hillary said...

I am unashamed of my undying love for the olsen twins
and bows

olsens twins and bows? OH YESAH