Thursday, February 18, 2010

Extended Snow Day

Despite the rest of America seeming to be amidst the largest snowfall, cold freeze in many years, Upstate New York was left virtually untouched. We have received no snow in a number of days, despite the weatherman's promise of slippery surfaces and school closings. It only made sense. This head cold that has been slowly growing since last weekend seemed to need a great day off to fight through it, and yet that day never came. As a result my outfits have been rather simple. Through the haze in my head I have these great outfit ides, and I'm excited to put together some different pieces, but the thickness in my head seems to think that the best idea each morning instead of fighting with tights is to slip on some jeans and a sweater. As soon as I step back in my apartment this new uniform is quickly replaced with fuzzy pajamas and a ponytail. For work however layering seems to be the best kind of comfort. When the snow did start falling this week, we got about 9 inches instead of the estimated 2-4. Inches are not scary for us however, it is just another day in paradise. It's when the final answer is feet that some of us decide to drive just a little slower.

What about those special sunglasses? The better to hide my tearing eyes my dear.
And the boots? Only for the worst of snow falls my dear.
What about that amazing Roche on your checks and nose? That's a little something called my skin is exhausted and red from so much Kleenex rubbing. It's difficult to re-create, hard to explain.

Sweater: Old Navy $4
White Long Sleeve Shirt: Wal-Mart $3
Jeans: Seven via Marshalls $20
Boots: very old, very very old
Sunglass: Small hole in the wall shop $10

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